Business Brokers are professionals whose job it is to assist buyers and sellers during the business sales process.

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Whether you are selling your business, or looking to buy a business, you may choose to engage the services of a Business Broker who will act on your behalf.

Similar to Real Estate Agents, Business Brokers must hold the appropriate license to sell businesses in their state or territory.

Most Business Brokers will specialise in selling businesses within a certain industry, or within a certain region.

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@realty is a nationwide network of professionals, specialising in property and business sales.
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1SELL is an award-winning team of industry-leading business brokers & property agents. We are members of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) & the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW).We help sellers & buyers navigate the complex business or property sale process to deliver a win-win-win outcome for all parties. Our highly experienced brokers and associates specialise in a specific niche or industry. Our team's combined business experience and multicultural staff provide the commercial expertise and knowledge necessary to understand and communicate the value of your business to prospective buyers. When combined with our extensive database, industry connections, and innovative management & marketing systems, we deliver to every client and transaction a robust, customised strategic approach that adds outstanding value to the sale of your business or property. At 1SELL, strong team collaboration and advanced systems can empower our industry-leading associates to deliver outstanding value to the sale of your business or property. Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you buy or sell a business or property and add value through our sale process.
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The ABBA Group are business sales, acquisition and merger specialists. We are a boutique firm that get results! If you're looking to enter into a strategic business transaction, you need a team of advisors you can rely on. A team with a track record that's rock solid. A team that always has your best interests at heart. ABBA Group has represented corporates and individuals in over $300 million worth of acquisitions, divestments and mergers. Since 2005, ABBA Group has managed over $100m in business sales transactions and over $200m in targeted acquisitions. We've partnered with hundreds of domestic and global companies – and linked many overseas investors with lucrative local opportunities. ABBA Group is an independent member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers. Why Sell with ABBA Group? Sell Your Business with ConfidenceAn end-to-end divestment service Specialising in transactions from $1m, we can manage the sales process for you from beginning to end. This includes: Preparing your business for saleFormulating a marketing strategyIdentifying and approaching prospective buyersNegotiating price and contract termsFacilitating settlement and handoverMany businesses also engage us after they've already identified an interested buyer. We simply pick up from any point you wish. Skilled negotiators to represent you As former senior sales executives, the ABBA Group team knows how to secure you the best sale price – and the most favourable contract terms possible. Acting 100% on your behalf, we remain calm and confident throughout the negotiation process without ever compromising your strategic position or integrity. Access to a network of high net worth prospects ABBA Group has access to an extensive network of high net worth individuals and investors. In particular, we are connected with several Chinese and Indian nationals seeking offshore investments – or who are looking to acquire a business to support their Australian residency. Ensuring a seamless transaction Business divestments demand a number of specialist services to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. ABBA Group partners with reputable specialists including accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and fund managers. We ensure you have the right professionals by your side at every stage of the transaction to ensure the best possible result. Why buy with ABBA Group? Our Expertise Will Save You Time & MoneyAn end-to-end business acquisition service Specialising in transactions from $1m, we can manage the buying process for you from beginning to end. This includes: Formulating the brief and your acquisition 'criteria'Performing an internal review and researching the marketIdentifying, assessing and approaching acquisition targetsNegotiating price and contract termsOverseeing settlement and handoverMany people and businesses also engage us after they've already found the business they wish to purchase. We simply pick up from any point you wish. Skilled negotiators to represent you When it's time for negotiations to begin, we act 100% on your behalf – without emotional attachment. As former senior sales executives, we know how to secure you the best purchase price and the most favourable contract terms possible. And because we work on both sides of the acquisition fence, we know what's fair and reasonable to deliver optimum results. Uncovering hidden opportunities We're often asked why it pays to engage a buyer's agent. And the answer is simple. With sound industry knowledge and an extensive business network, ABBA Group can help you find businesses that suit your requirements – even if they're not officially 'on the market'. And because we're widely respected and skilled communicators, we're able to open more doors than most. Related services for a seamless transaction ABBA Group can facilitate a number of related services to ensure a seamless and successful business acquisition, including: - Sourcing finance- Applying for tenancy- Preparing a business plan- Advising on tax Specialties - Business Sales- Business Acquisition- Capital raising- Business Valuations- Property Consultation
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ABS Business Sales has a large number of Queensland business listings, located throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Queensland. Whatever your budget or needs, ABS Business Sales will find the right business for you. The ABS Business Sales team brings with it a wealth of experience and practical, first-hand knowledge in business sales, business mergers & acquisitions, over a diverse range of industry sectors. Whether you are considering an exit strategy by selling your business or you are looking to purchase one, be assured that our energetic team can guide you through the long and complex process ahead. We will assist with your preliminary research, help you identify and evaluate your business options, and of course bring our vast experience of previous business sales to the negotiation table. Our efforts are directed towards making the task easier for you to achieve a satisfactory outcome, with a minimum of fuss, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality in all of our dealings on your behalf.
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As a business owner contemplating the sale of your business, you likely have an idea of its value. At Absolute Business Brokers, we take your expectations seriously. We thoroughly review your business operations and financial records to determine the fair market value of your business in today’s marketplace, ensuring that we sell your business at the best possible price. Our Approach We understand that buyers are interested in what a business is worth today, not its potential future value. Therefore, when you decide to sell your business, it’s crucial to consider current market conditions. Our team at Absolute Business Brokers guides you through the intricate and time-consuming process of finding the right buyer, negotiating the details, and coordinating with accountants and other involved parties to ensure a smooth transition to settlement. Personalized Service Our method involves conducting multiple personal interviews with prospective buyers to understand their individual requirements, goals, and financial resources. This personalized approach ensures that we match your business with the most suitable buyer, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. Why Choose Absolute Business Brokers? Proven Techniques: We use industry-proven techniques to determine the fair market value of your business, ensuring you get the best price possible. Current Market Insights: Our knowledge of current market conditions helps us provide accurate and realistic valuations. Comprehensive Support: We handle all aspects of the sale process, from finding the right buyer to finalizing the settlement, working closely with accountants and other professionals. Industry Standards: Absolute is recognized for its reliability and results, consistently performing above industry standards. Buyer Matching: Our detailed interviews and assessments help us understand buyers' needs and financial capabilities, facilitating a better match between sellers and buyers. The Selling Process Evaluation: We start by reviewing your business operations and financial records to determine its fair market value. Marketing: We use targeted marketing strategies to attract qualified buyers. Buyer Interviews: We conduct personal interviews with prospective buyers to assess their suitability and financial resources. Negotiation: We handle all negotiations, ensuring all details are addressed and the best possible terms are achieved. Coordination: We work closely with accountants and other parties to ensure all aspects of the sale are managed effectively. Settlement: We oversee the final steps to ensure a smooth and successful settlement. Results-Oriented At Absolute Business Brokers, results are paramount. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients, which is why we are considered above the industry standards for reliability and results. Our commitment to excellence and personalized service makes us the brokers of choice for selling your business. Conclusion Selling a business is a significant decision that requires careful planning and execution. At Absolute Business Brokers, we offer the expertise, resources, and personalized service to guide you through this complex process. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve the best possible results, with a smooth and successful transition from listing to settlement. Trust Absolute Business Brokers to be your partner in selling your business and achieving your objectives.
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Accommodation Properties P/L is a national agency that specialises exclusively in the sale of accommodation properties and businesses. We operate in all states in collaboration with a network of experienced and ethical local agents. We provide an expert sales team, specialist resources, and a competitive online presence in the form of a market leading listing website. Our clients are vendors of accommodation properties and business of all types, large and small including Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses and Lodges, Cabins, Villas and Cottages, Motels and Boutique Hotels, Holiday Houses and Apartments, Backpackers and Hostels, Resorts, Caravan and Holiday Parks and Farm Stays. Visit our website for a list of our current and sold listings.
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At Accord Business Brokers we have been operating for more than two decades, guiding business owners through the various phases of selling their businesses. Accord Business Brokers uses its experience and expertise in a wide variety of industries to prepare, market and sell the business. We are the leading Australian Business Brokers due to our personal service, our commitment to keeping up-to-date with technology, new methodologies and practices. Whether you are seeking to buy a business or to sell a business, Accord Business Brokers can help. WE SELL BUSINESSES If you are looking for advice about buying a business for sale in Australia or advice on selling a business, then Accord Business Brokers can certainly answer all your questions and deliver the required results.
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Formed in 1974, Ace Business Brokers Pty.Ltd. is one of Sydney's longest established brokerage firms specialising exclusively in the field of business sales and consulting. Through more than 30 years of successful involvement in the business sales industry, Ace Brokers has sold, or advised on, more than 6,000 businesses, and can therefore offer sound advice and expertise in all areas of business buying, selling and evaluation. Ace can therefore truely boast that it covers business sales right across the range from the smaller SME's of say $300,000 value right through to the middle market at say $30.0 mill. These sales can be made regardless of the business sales process involved. As a founding member of the Australia Wide Brokers Association Ace can offer a truly National service to clients as required. Further, as a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Ace has access to a worldwide network of affiliates to assist with those important negotiations that require international contact. The IBBA has 1400 members with 21 affiliated offices worldwide. Since it's inception, diversity has always been the cornerstone of it's involvement in business broking providing an extensive record of business sales over the period. This has enabled Ace to draw widely from comparable information when advising a client on the true market value of their business. In recent years Ace has continued to assist migrants to purchase businesses under the "Business Migration Program" with significant sales being made into various Asian, European and South African communities.
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You've just found the ACE real estate for all your Buying and Selling needs, whether for residential real estate, commercial real estate or business. As your real estate agency, we can help you buy or sell.
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Transforming the lives of business owners and future entrepreneurs is our passion at Achiever Business Brokers. We excel in helping people sell their businesses and acquire new ones, ensuring maximum value and a seamless process for both sellers and buyers. Our Mission Whether you are a seller or buyer, Achiever Business Brokers is committed to providing the right opportunities and ensuring a smooth transaction. We are dedicated to maximizing business value for sellers and helping buyers evaluate potential businesses and franchises effectively. Our Team Our team is second to none in experience, skill, and exposure. We prioritize our clients, delivering top-notch services for successful business takeovers. We handle business sales efficiently, assisting clients throughout the entire process. Our sales and achievements reflect our dedication and effort in every transaction. Why Choose Achiever Business Brokers? Unparalleled Service: We aim to lead the market with superior service and expertise, far beyond the average offerings. Client-Centric Approach: We see ourselves as partners in the process, developing best practices and adhering to the highest ethical standards. Diverse Expertise: Our portfolio spans multiple industries, ensuring comprehensive knowledge and effective service delivery. Our Services We offer a range of services to meet diverse business needs: Laundries & Cleaning Businesses Cafes, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants Manufacturers & Importers Trades & Services Automotive & Transport Businesses Retailers & Wholesalers Construction & Engineering Supermarkets & Petrol Stations Franchises of All Types We work diligently to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of vendors and purchasers. Our personalized communication systems keep all parties informed throughout the process. Marketing and Representation Achiever Business Brokers develops comprehensive and customized marketing programs to ensure accurate representation and generate interest among prospective buyers. We create professional information memorandums and confidential business reviews, advertising through major online channels and continually exploring new avenues. Leadership Achiever Business Brokers is led by Sumit Vishal, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in B2B sales, franchise sales, and business sales. With over 15 years of experience in business management and sales, along with accreditations from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) and affiliations with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB), Sumit is uniquely qualified to handle business transactions across various industries. Commitment to Excellence From day one, Achiever Business Brokers has aimed to be more than just another business broking firm. Our goal is to offer a level of service and expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. We strive to be seen as partners in the business transaction process, ensuring that every client achieves their goals. For further details, please contact us. We are eager to help you achieve your business goals with professionalism and integrity.
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