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Selling a business can be complex and overwhelming., we recognize the challenges you face - from valuing your business to negotiating the best deal.

And the first step is finding the right broker from the over 1,000 brokers in Australia.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves to simplifying this process for you.

Let us help find the broker to represent your business.

Since 1987 we have helped over 134,000 Aussie business owners sell their businesses.

With our extensive experience and a network of leading business brokers on our platform, we are your trusted independent guide in your business selling journey.

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Your Needs, Our Priority: We listen to your business story and select brokers who would be the best fit.

Your Roadmap to Selling

  1. Begin with Your Story: Share the details of your business with us.
  2. Discover Your Matches: We introduce you to handpicked brokers.
  3. Explore Your Options: Learn about each broker's approach and strengths.
  4. Consult and Decide: Have detailed discussions to choose your ideal broker.
  5. Embark on the Sale: List your business and start the selling process.

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Over 134,000 business owners have successfully sold their businesses with our help. We are dedicated to making your selling journey as stress-free and profitable as possible.

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