Business Brokers are professionals whose job it is to assist buyers and sellers during the business sales process.

This page shows All Agents and Brokers in NSW.

Whether you are selling your business, or looking to buy a business, you may choose to engage the services of a Business Broker who will act on your behalf.

Similar to Real Estate Agents, Business Brokers must hold the appropriate license to sell businesses in their state or territory.

Most Business Brokers will specialise in selling businesses within a certain industry, or within a certain region.

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All Agents and Brokers in NSW

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1SELL is an award-winning team of industry-leading business brokers & property agents. We are members of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) & the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW).We help sellers & buyers navigate the complex business or property sale process to deliver a win-win-win outcome for all parties. Our highly experienced brokers and associates specialise in a specific niche or industry. Our team's combined business experience and multicultural staff provide the commercial expertise and knowledge necessary to understand and communicate the value of your business to prospective buyers. When combined with our extensive database, industry connections, and innovative management & marketing systems, we deliver to every client and transaction a robust, customised strategic approach that adds outstanding value to the sale of your business or property. At 1SELL, strong team collaboration and advanced systems can empower our industry-leading associates to deliver outstanding value to the sale of your business or property. Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you buy or sell a business or property and add value through our sale process.
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The ABBA Group are business sales, acquisition and merger specialists. We are a boutique firm that get results! If you're looking to enter into a strategic business transaction, you need a team of advisors you can rely on. A team with a track record that's rock solid. A team that always has your best interests at heart. ABBA Group has represented corporates and individuals in over $300 million worth of acquisitions, divestments and mergers. Since 2005, ABBA Group has managed over $100m in business sales transactions and over $200m in targeted acquisitions. We've partnered with hundreds of domestic and global companies – and linked many overseas investors with lucrative local opportunities. ABBA Group is an independent member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers. Why Sell with ABBA Group? Sell Your Business with ConfidenceAn end-to-end divestment service Specialising in transactions from $1m, we can manage the sales process for you from beginning to end. This includes: Preparing your business for saleFormulating a marketing strategyIdentifying and approaching prospective buyersNegotiating price and contract termsFacilitating settlement and handoverMany businesses also engage us after they've already identified an interested buyer. We simply pick up from any point you wish. Skilled negotiators to represent you As former senior sales executives, the ABBA Group team knows how to secure you the best sale price – and the most favourable contract terms possible. Acting 100% on your behalf, we remain calm and confident throughout the negotiation process without ever compromising your strategic position or integrity. Access to a network of high net worth prospects ABBA Group has access to an extensive network of high net worth individuals and investors. In particular, we are connected with several Chinese and Indian nationals seeking offshore investments – or who are looking to acquire a business to support their Australian residency. Ensuring a seamless transaction Business divestments demand a number of specialist services to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. ABBA Group partners with reputable specialists including accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and fund managers. We ensure you have the right professionals by your side at every stage of the transaction to ensure the best possible result. Why buy with ABBA Group? Our Expertise Will Save You Time & MoneyAn end-to-end business acquisition service Specialising in transactions from $1m, we can manage the buying process for you from beginning to end. This includes: Formulating the brief and your acquisition 'criteria'Performing an internal review and researching the marketIdentifying, assessing and approaching acquisition targetsNegotiating price and contract termsOverseeing settlement and handoverMany people and businesses also engage us after they've already found the business they wish to purchase. We simply pick up from any point you wish. Skilled negotiators to represent you When it's time for negotiations to begin, we act 100% on your behalf – without emotional attachment. As former senior sales executives, we know how to secure you the best purchase price and the most favourable contract terms possible. And because we work on both sides of the acquisition fence, we know what's fair and reasonable to deliver optimum results. Uncovering hidden opportunities We're often asked why it pays to engage a buyer's agent. And the answer is simple. With sound industry knowledge and an extensive business network, ABBA Group can help you find businesses that suit your requirements – even if they're not officially 'on the market'. And because we're widely respected and skilled communicators, we're able to open more doors than most. Related services for a seamless transaction ABBA Group can facilitate a number of related services to ensure a seamless and successful business acquisition, including: - Sourcing finance- Applying for tenancy- Preparing a business plan- Advising on tax Specialties - Business Sales- Business Acquisition- Capital raising- Business Valuations- Property Consultation
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Tyre Shop Brokers Professionals have specialized tyre shop brokers  If you are considering buying or selling a tyre shop please call Nigel Chynoweth 0409 058 258 Call Send SMS Call from mobile Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
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Broadwalk Business Brokers specialise in selling Australian Businesses such as small to large general Businesses, Caravan Parks, Motels, Hotels, Management Rights Plus Commercial and Industrial properties. So You Want to Buy a Business...Buying a business is a major decision. It will not only affect you financially, but it is also, and, perhaps more importantly, a lifestyle decision. How you live your life is shaped and influenced by what you do for a living. If you have decided that now may be an opportune time to consider going into business for yourself, working with a business agent can provide you with the professional assistance necessary for a smooth and successful transaction. Why Should I Use a Business Broker?A professional business broker can be helpful in many ways. They can provide you with a selection of different and, in many cases, unique businesses, including many that you would not be able to find on your own. Approximately 90 percent of those who buy businesses end up with something completely different from the business that they first inquired about. Business broker can offer you a wide variety of businesses to look at and consider. Business broker are also an excellent source of information about small business and the business buying process. They are familiar with the market and can advise you about trends, pricing and what is happening locally. Your business broker will handle all the details of the business sale and will do everything possible to guide you in the right direction, including, if necessary, consulting other professionals who may be able to assist you. What Should I Look For?Obviously, you want to consider only those businesses that you would feel comfortable owning and operating. "Pride of Ownership" is an important ingredient for success. You also want to consider only those businesses that you can afford with the cash you have available. In addition, the business you buy must be able to supply you with enough income - after making payments on it - to pay your bills.However, you should look at a business with an eye toward what you can do with it - how you can improve it and make it more productive and profitable. What Happens When I Find a Business I Want to Buy?When you find a business, the business broker will be able to answer many of your questions immediately or will research them for you. Once you get your preliminary questions answered, the typical next step is for the agent to prepare an offer based on the price and terms you feel are appropriate. This offer will generally be subject to your approval of the actual books and records supporting the figures that have been supplied to you. The main purpose of the offer is to see if the seller is willing to accept the price and terms you offered. There isn't much point in continuing if you and the seller can't get together on price and terms.The offer is then presented to the seller who can approve it, reject it, or counter it with his or her own offer. You, obviously, have the decision of accepting the counter proposal from the seller or rejecting it and going on to consider other businesses. If you and the seller agree on the price and terms, the next step is for you to do your "due diligence." The burden is on you - the buyer - no one else. You may choose to bring in other outside advisors or to do it on your own - the choice is yours. Once you have checked and approved those areas of concern, the sales documents can be prepared, and your purchase of the business can be successfully closed.
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The commercial department at Byron Bay Property Sales is dedicated to all elements of commercial real estate including leasing, freehold sales and business sales. The team is lead by Kath Vaubell, who has extensive experience; leading commercial real estate departments for nearly a decade, with a prior successful career in corporate sales. The very nature of commercial real estate is distinctly different to residential, however many offices typically have their commercial portfolio managed within the residential department of an agency. This is a key and important difference at Byron Bay Property Sales, our commercial department is 100% dedicated to this sector. Regarded as an industry expert, our advice is often sought by professionals including those in the legal, valuation and finance sectors. While we are not interested in claiming to be the biggest, we think the proof is in the pudding. In the last three years since the inception of the commercial department our business has grown 100% annually. We pride ourselves on establishing solid long term relationships with our clients and customize our service accordingly. Our portfolio covers the entire gamut of clients from family run business operators, to multinational tenants, and understand the complexities of each scenario. If you're considering securing a commercial freehold, looking to take on a commercial lease for the first time, or have a business to sell, we would be only too happy to meet and share our knowledge.
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We take the hassle out of selling or buying. A successful sale or purchase is seldom a result of luck. Our experience in the art of negotiation "is essential to you" to achieve a successful result. Many of our clients are referred to us by Solicitors & Accountants who recognise the professional and specialised approach we take.If you are considering selling your Business, Commercial/Industrial real estate we have a large database of prospective purchasers that may suit your particular sale. We are committed to our clients and believe in offering the best quality service and listings for sale. If you are a Vendor considering selling your Business  or a Purchaser looking to buy Central Coast Business Brokers can assist you. John Ramsay has lived and worked on the Central Coast for over 25 years. He has successfully operated businesses in Sydney and on the Central Coast in Plumbing, Building, Real Estate Development, Catering, Excavation, Security, Importing, Real Estate & Business Brokerage over that period, employing up to 25 staff members at any one time. John thoroughly understands Businesses, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate. His own experience has positioned Central Coast Business Brokers to be one of the leading Agencies on the Central Coast.
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Coast to Coast Business Sales is Australian owned and an affiliate of Xcllusive Business Sales. Based in Balmain in New South Wales, we are Australia's largest marketing magazine that caters for all advertising aspects for the sale of Australian businesses, franchises and income producing properties. Coast to Coast Australia has been established for over 40 years with a large referrer and subscriber database. The magazine is printed quarterly, and each issue is filled with 100+ businesses, franchises and income producing properties for sale from private advertisers, brokers and agents around the country. Coast to Coast Business Sales targets the local and interstate markets for buyers looking for a change. We specialise in regional, coastal and country towns.
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5 Reasons to Deal with Core Business Brokers:- Face to face discussions to establish your unique needs for both Buyers and Sellers  Courteous and polite service - every time. Constant contact with us from the time we first meet until your deal settles. We will project manage your deal through to settlement. Clear and concise explanations of current market conditions and weekly follow-ups. Proactive marketing and management of the sale process. We remain involved in the process until the day of settlement.
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Direct Business Hub are experts at online marketing for business owners wanting to sell their own business. You will have the best online tools and resources to prepare, advertise and control the sale of your business like a professional and have our expert support where you need it. Direct Business Hub was brought to life by a team of Australia's most successful business brokers who wanted to provide a market leading and cost-effective solution to help business owners successfully sell their business. Direct Business Hub's team includes multi award winning business brokers with over 27 years of combined front line experience in all aspects of business and franchise sales so we know what it takes to successfully sell a business.   You can read more about us here::
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First National Real Estate ShultzTaree is a third generation locally owned business operating under the First National umbrella. This allows us to access the resources of one of Australia's largest Real Estate networks and provide a wider range of services while still retaining our local identity. The business began in 1967 and is proud to have developed into one of the Mid North Coasts leading Real Estate agencies. We have been prominent in First National as foundation members since its inception in 1982 with Mal, Dan and Wayne Shultz, holding various State and National Board positions with the organisation over that time. Over the years we have developed specialist areas of service resulting in our ability to offer refined and comprehensive facilities for the benefit of clients and customers. The expertise now offered by the Accredited members of our team was often not available outside metropolitan areas. One of these specialist areas of operation is First National Commercial ShultzTaree, an autonomous division responsible for the sale, leasing and management of much of Taree's commercial and industrial precincts. Dan Shultz returned to our Commercial Division in 2008 after 10 years in Sydney, with most of that period dedicated to the North Shore commercial market. Our Residential Investment Management division also offers a comprehensive leasing and management service developed over almost 50 years. Within the businesses we have an unrivalled and priceless amount of experience in the industry, matched with a succession of young and enthusiastic new staff that have joined our team with the passion and drive for excellence that we look for in this people focused industry. We are proud of our achievements – both local and further afield – which are a direct result of our focus on the service given to our clients and the commitment and enthusiasm of our Sales, Property Management and Commercial divisions. Our success is measured by the amount of business that comes to us by referral from other satisfied clients and those clients who just keep coming back!
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