CBD, Port Phillip - GOLD in your pocket!!!

Melbourne Region, VIC
Asking Price $1,063,616

DOMINATE with this addition. This portfolio is immaculate. One of the most well run in the industry. Tight spread gives you low management costs. Above average PM fees gives you Above average AAMI and thus increased Revenue and Profits!!!! Low risk with low multiple landlords.

The seller is not new to selling portfolios and as such is flexible and open to transparent communication for genuine serious buyers.

When merging this to your portfolio consider the greater rewards of added potential sales. If industry standards are to be believed then 4-5% attrition into your sales department would not be unusual.

Anywhere upwards of $192,000 per year in estimated Sales revenue, add that to the $295,449 and the extra fees and charges of (approx.) $20,000 and you have yourself a projected yearly income of $507,449

The questions is not can you afford this portfolio it is can you afford not to take it on??

(all numbers have been represented as % as the portfolio is changing daily. Successful buyers will be issued an exact schedule)

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