Two Customised Plastic Products Fabrication Businesses – QLD

West Burleigh QLD
Asking Price $1,300,000
Business ID: BS157128

Owner Operator “Business 1” and Under Management “Business 2” – Combined Equipment $1.2M + combined Adjusted earning to owners FY 2023 $583k.

For over 30 years, this business has specialized in the engineering of customized plastic items. The owner has taken a strategic approach by positioning the business as an expert in catering to small-run needs for plastics. With a comprehensive range of machinery, including three additional machines purchased in 2022, the business is also equipped to handle larger fabricating runs.

Currently, the two workshops employ seven experienced staff members and are continuously seeking to add more high-quality personnel. The business has a backlog of work from its regular clientele and services various industries, including transportation, ambulance, signage, industrial fabrication, marine plastics, and more. From design to prototype production to engineering small to medium runs, the businesses offers end-to-end services to its clients. Both businesses are located on the Gold Coast. The businesses are owned by the same vendor.

   -  Adjusted Earnings to owners over $583,000


      -  Business 1

         -  Owned and operated with 3 to 5 more staff members

         -  Has strongly improved

         -  Has been run much more efficiently since the beginning FY 23

         -  Possesses $600k worth of machinery

         -  Brand new machinery (2022)

         -  $343k in adjusted PEBITDA for FY 23

         -  Two experienced staff members + Apprentice

         -  Has over $700,000 worth of equipment orders to supply

      -  “Business 2”

         -  Fully under management

         -  Generating $250k of passive income

         -  Has over $1.8M in turnover

         -  Has 9 staff members with 5 experienced staff

   -  Highly underutilised asset, capacity for much larger production runs

Business 1 has been improving throughout FY 23 and will keep on doing so due to the following 3 factors:

   -  The owner has decided to run a much tighter ship,

   -  Floorspace has been optimised, resulting in a reduction in rent and Outgoings,

   -  The business has now two technicians, with one in training, currently looking for a second one

Business 2 is a well-oiled operation machine, with a dedicated general manager in place. The place has a solid loyal customer base and has served over 600 clients in FY 23.

Terms of settlement: One month of training as part of the sale will be offered to the new owner.

This business is an ideal fit for a local plastics manufacturer seeking to diversify its clientele and expand its machinery range. It could also be a great opportunity for an interstate company looking to establish a presence on the Gold Coast. Leveraging the existing infrastructure and capabilities of the business, operating from two locations would provide a cost-effective means to expand operations.

Asking Price: $1,300,000 + Stock (currently sitting between $225,000 and $300,000 across the two locations).

Property Code: 3766
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