Take-away. Chicken and Grilled products.

Parramatta NSW
Asking Price $90,000
Listing Agent  @ Sydney. NSW.

Take- Away for Sale . ( Price Reduced to 90,000 Walk in Walk out)

- Prime location with monopoly as the only local grilled Chicken.
- Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.
- Next to popular night club in parramatta.
- Heavy foot Traffic on Games day
- Large Kitchen and cool room for stock and prep.
- large Front Display bar for food products.

Produce Line : Grilled Chicken.Burger and other Hot food Takeaway.

Drinks : Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks and other local favorites.

Weekly Sales : $8500
Cost of goods : 2,550
Rent : 1500
Outgoings : 211.
Electricity : 316.
Net profit to owner : $3924/ - ex wages.

Potential :
- Expand the product line to include coffee and dinner menu
- Option to run  early breakfast menu.

The owner is looking to sell the business due to commitments elsewhere and will accept any genuine offer from his asking price of $100,000/-
Terms of Sale :-
- 2 Weeks Trial.
- Walk in Walk Out ( WIWO)
- A New lease will be set-up for the owner by the landlord.

For further information available in the information memorandum. Send us an enquiry online.

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