Unique Food / Hospitality Businesses – Brighton QLD

Asking Price $112,000
Business ID: BS145413 - Food Truck and Café - Buy Together or Separately!  

This is a unique opportunity for a smart investor to take both these new businesses and build an empire!  

The Custom Refrigerated Food Truck is an exciting Start Up Opportunity – Designed for use in a high customer-demand environment, such as major events and festivals.  

The charming Fresh Food Café is located within a Healing and Wellness Centre that welcomes repeat business from a community of followers.  

These businesses complement each other perfectly – or can be sold separately.  

Food Truck – Price $70,000

   -  Custom Built 7.5m Food Service Truck - Launched January 2023  

   -  IVECO Daily LWB 182,000 km  

   -  Fabulous fit-out with full length 4.5m customer service frontage  

   -  Built for speed of service and consumer satisfaction - No waiting for meals to be prepared  

   -  2.2m x .9m x 1.3m refrigerated storage space to warehouse cold stock  

   -  1m x 1.7m x 1.4m dry storage space - 4.7m x 1.2m x 1m refrigerated shelf service area  

   -  On-board 5.8 kva petrol generator, 3 microwaves and more  

Café – Price $42,000

   -  Fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, modern décor and room to expand within the garden area  

   -  Exciting range of delicious healthy food with dynamic consumer following  

   -  Wholesome options for every taste and dietary preference - Skilled chef creates weekly specials  

   -  Customers include busy professionals seeking a grab and go lunch - or health-conscious individuals seeking nourishing meal options  

Due to serious health issues, both these businesses are now available to buy. This is an amazing business opportunity to start up from a strong grounding – with all the hard work done.  

The right operator will take both businesses next level – and enjoy the financial results!  

Price for both businesses $ 112,000 + Stock on hand

Property Code: 3329
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