34205 Popular Food Stall – Multiple Revenue Streams

Miami QLD
Asking Price $99,000 Open to Offers
Primed and ready for new ownership! This mobile pop-up food stall specialises in the art of crafting irresistible Asian fusion cuisine, with a primary emphasis on delectable bao buns. Operating across a broad service area spanning from Brisbane to Byron Bay, this thriving, owner-operated business has embarked on an extraordinary journey over the past five years, experiencing significant growth in both sales and profitability.

This dynamic pop-up food stall is not just a tantalising destination; it serves as a gateway to a plethora of exciting prospects. With reservations already secured until the end of 2024, the potential for expansion knows no bounds. You can leverage the established reputation of this venture to secure additional bookings, explore private catering opportunities, introduce innovative menu items, or tap into the burgeoning realm of delivery services like Uber Eats. The versatility of this business is unparalleled, offering you the tools to unlock untapped revenue streams and thrive in the culinary landscape.

But there's more to it – the possibilities extend beyond the confines of the pop-up stall. The commercial kitchen at your disposal can be rented out to fellow food enthusiasts, effortlessly covering your expenses. With consistent weekly bookings already in place and the potential to venture into Uber Eats, the commercial kitchen is a versatile asset capable of generating supplementary income. Moreover, the strategic decision to set up shop at breweries, where there are no rental costs and minimal competition, ensures a steady flow of patrons regardless of the weather. The food served here is nothing short of a flavour explosion, striking the perfect balance that keeps customers returning for more.

Key Features:

- Mobile business covering Brisbane to Byron Bay, with a focus on the Gold Coast.

- Opportunity for expansion through bookings, catering, new products, or delivery services.

- Strong and established customer, supplier and venue relationships.

- Growing sales and profits over the past 5 years.

- Multiple revenue streams with a commercial kitchen available to rent out.

Over the years, invaluable connections have been meticulously cultivated with venues, loyal customers, and dependable suppliers. These relationships have played a pivotal role in this culinary venture's continued success and growth. If you're ready to seize the opportunity to own a thriving pop-up food stall with a proven track record of success and the potential for even greater growth, this is your chance. It's a recipe for success waiting to be savoured. Submit an enquiry today!

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