Established Florist & Giftware Business in Prime Location

Salisbury SA
Asking Price $150,000

We present an exciting opportunity to acquire an iconic Florist & Giftware business located in the recently built Saints Road Shopping Centre. The flourishing nature of this business has been evident, but the owner, due to commitments in another venture, is now considering a sale.

Carews Florist, a family-owned establishment that originated in the 1950s, was acquired by the current owner in 2011 and continues to thrive as a family-run enterprise. This turnkey operation is now available for a discerning entrepreneur or an individual seeking to own a thriving business that can be fully managed. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach to maximize returns or the flexibility of running a business remotely, this opportunity caters to your preferences.

Currently operating as a Florist and Gift shop from Monday to Sunday, there is immense potential for expansion. A visionary new owner may consider diversifying into additional areas such as flower arranging tuition, corporate contracts to supply regular fresh flowers to local offices, collaboration with wedding planners, or catering to the needs of local funeral homes. The possibilities are endless.

Approximately 80% of our sales are generated in-store, which not only proves cost-efficient but also provides an invaluable opportunity for customer engagement, creating a delightful buying experience and enabling upselling opportunities. As part of Interflora, a member-owned and operated relay service, and Florist to Florist, Carew's proudly serves both national and international customers.

The business is equipped with a modern Sales and CRM system that ensures efficiency and control. Monitor sales, web orders, and specific product trends in real-time from your phone or computer. Rostering becomes seamless, and comprehensive reports are readily available. With various security levels, you can assign different access privileges to team members. Additionally, our CRM system facilitates customer communication for remarketing and loyalty programs. We have also established a highly productive and user-friendly website for online sales, offering tremendous potential for further growth. Currently, no funds are allocated to online advertising, making expansion an enticing prospect.

Our dedicated team of trained florists, consisting of four members, is already in place. Furthermore, these individuals are undergoing Leadership and Management training, further enhancing their skills and expertise.

The strategic decision to establish our Florist/Gift business in the new Saints Road Shopping Centre has proven advantageous. The centre experiences high foot traffic, and the management actively supports and fosters the success of specialty businesses within. While the supermarket does sell flowers, they do not compete directly with our florist, ensuring a unique position in the centre.

Reason for selling:
The owner is engaged in a larger, unrelated business that demands more time and attention, necessitating the sale of this thriving enterprise.

Don't miss this chance to own a well-established florist and giftware business in a prime location. Contact us today to explore this exceptional opportunity further

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