When You See a Business That Truly Stands Out, Ask Yourself - What Distinguishes That Companys Performance from Its Competitors? cover image

When You See a Business That Truly Stands Out, Ask Yourself - What Distinguishes That Companys Performance from Its Competitors?


Before I take on a client I stop and look at everything about that industry that could gripe, frustrate or irritate a potential customer.

I ask people what irritates them. I try to internalize the same problems so I can experience the customer’s frustration when I create my client’s marketing.

I write down on paper precisely what aggravating problems I want my client to promise to correct - all the problems someone could have who seeks out my client’s product or service.

I then examine companies in my client’s field who are doing things right by addressing one or more of the problems on my list.

I look at a lot of different industries looking for the undisputable winners’ in each field.


 Because many success-building techniques that work for one firm in one industry are adaptable to others. In fact, most are useful.

I've prepared a suggested worksheet you can modify or add to.

Carry it with you all day.

Keep it in the car when you're driving and listening to the radio.

Keep it handy at home or in the office.

Every time you see or hear something that irritates you, assume that it irritates the heck out of most everybody else and jot it down. To remedy this problem or its equivalent in your industry can lift your business head and shoulders above your competitors.

When you see a business that truly stands out, ask yourself –

What distinguishes that firm’s performance from its competitors?

Once you find an answer, record it, and then employ that same technique in your business.

Here is my suggested worksheet:

  • Things I can't stand in other businesses.

  • What would I do if I were in that business to overcome that problem?

  • How I can adapt the positive side of that negative observation over to my business?

  • Things firms do that impress me.

  • How I can adapt that technique into my business’s marketing operation?

  • Terrible ads I've seen.

  • How could they be improved?

  • What salesman/woman has impressed me? - How and why?

  • How can I adapt that positive impression to my marketing?

  • What turnoffs have I been subjected to by salespeople?

  • How could that negative be converted to positive?

  • How could I adapt that positive?

Prepare worksheets for radio, T.V., newspapers, the Internet and direct mail and then force yourself to review it regularly.

Frequently and systematically review this data, to identify marketing elements that can be incorporated into your business operation.

Take the necessary actions to test the effectiveness of these elements in enhancing your marketing programs.

While doing all this, remember your Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) the reason or reasons why customers should chose to do business with you over your competition?

If asked to recite in a tight, concise, compelling 60 words or less, the Unique Selling Proposition their firm offers that goes above and beyond all their competitors, most business owners would go blank.

If you can't immediately, clearly articulate one or many unique sales appeals, how do you expect your customers to perceive it?

Indirectly this article is really about how to improve, expand or create a compelling U.S.P. to make your firm invincible.

It really works.

Try the techniques. Integrate them into every fabric of marketing and observe the impact. It truly will amaze you.

Bob Lyon
The Better Business Report
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