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What if someone took your .au domain name?


From 20 September, .au domain URLs are available to the public. These new URLs are distinct from previously available URLs, as they don't include '.com' or '.net' after the unique part of the URL.

Anyone can register your business’s .au equivalent domain name unless you have secured it.

Since March this year, businesses with an existing domain name (i.e, whose websites end in .com.au or .net.au) have been given priority to reserve their matching .au domain name. For example, a business with an ‘ato.com.au’ domain name can also register as ‘ato.au’.

Remember to consider the benefits of registering an .au domain for your business and your individual circumstances. One of the benefits of registering is that you safeguard your brand’s identity on the internet.

If you don't reserve your business's .au domain name, impersonators, web name campers or cyber criminals may potentially take it. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has issued an alertExternal Link on the risk of cyber criminals using your brand’s domain to impersonate your business and conduct fraudulent cyber activities.

You can register your domain name’s .au equivalent at .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) or through an auDA accredited registrar to protect the digital identity of your brand.

For more information visit www.ato.gov.au