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What If You Still Have A Loan On The Business?


"I want to give you some tips today if you're looking at selling your business and you've still got a loan on that business, you might have some equipment finance or something like that, so here's what help actually works, here some tips around some of the different scenarios that might actually affect you so when you sell the business you've got the chunk that you owe the bank basically hopefully you sell the business for more than that, when the buyer pays you that goes to your solicitor or your settlement agents trust account held and dispersed funds and part of that will be the bold then give you know, that chunk of money to your bank to pay them out and then whatever is left then goes to you.

That's how that works sometimes you might be in a situation where you actually owe more on the business than what you sell business for so if that's the case look it's a real challenge because when you sell the business it's generally and sell for what it's worth for in the open market, unfortunately there are cases where people may have bought a business and they're now the business when they sell it's not going to sell for the same amount or it's going to sell for less than what they want to pay for it or what it costs them to set it up.

So in those cases basically what you've got to do is if you've decided that you are going to sell, what you've got to do is you've just got to say okay, well it is what it is and whatever we get so $500,000 on the business, if you're going to get $300,000, you get that $300K you pay it off you're left with the balance of $200K and you've really just got to move on to the next venture and then just sort of sale took one or two steps back will now got a move forward and try to catch that up if we can that's just really how it is.

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If you're in a situation where you've got some equipment finance, for example in your business generally what will happen is for some parts of that finance it might be worth actually just paying it out and the new owner will take over and they'll refinance at equipment themselves however they want to but in some cases you might be on like say a rental lease or something of some equipment and the payout might be revived or they're just going to finance the same way anyway, so in that case what'll happen is normally it'll just it can be like an assignment they still need to do their own loan application, you'll end your loan with that provider, but basically what the provider will do is effectively they'll shift the loan that's there the weekly or monthly financial cost of the buyer person is buying business so it’ll pretty much sort of help out work, so if you owe some money on the business, you'll get selling it's fine it's all part of what's normal probably most of people would deal with do have a loan on their business it's just a matter of how you then decide to deal with it."

Transcribed from Steve Finn