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What If Your Lease Is Running Out?


“If you're looking to sell your business, one of the things that might pop in your mind, if you've got a lease on your premises is what do I do if my lease is running out. Okay so that gets tackled a couple of different ways so I guess if you're in a situation where your lease is critical to the operation of your business, well really what you want to do is you want to make sure that for a new owner that they've got some tenure so the lease for years going to really have an impact on them wanting to buy it, but mainly on them actually getting financed to be able to buy the business because generally the bank will only fund a loan for them over the over the risk period of how long that lease is.

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So that's something that's important now you don't necessarily need to go and renew the lease yourself and extend that out but what you do want to do is maybe have an understanding with the landlord that when somebody else comes along that might say you've got a year left or something that the landlord's happy to then give them a further extension and you might look at that and ask them to maybe try to get at the moment on your lease, you might try to get it further option to renew.

Or for yourself depending on the situation if you don't want to commit to that extra lease from you or yourself you might ask a landlord if you go on a month by month for a while so there's a couple of ways you can look at it you've just got to really wipe out the risk because if you go month by month that's landlord month by month too, they can you win a month and you can you can boot them in a month, so that's the sort of stuff that you need to take into account if your businesses if your business is critical to that location month by month can be risky because if they get a better offer…you're out, then you've got nothing to sell so these are sort of things you've got to work.”

Transcribed from Steve Finn