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The 3 Dangers of Reactive Management Most Business Owners Overlook


Building a business can be a tough gig, but working for your business owning boss when they’re at their wits end is no walk in the park either. The pressures facing entrepreneurs are widely known but sitting behind the owner’s stress, exhaustion and burnout are the staff doing their best to hold it together. Yes, the average entrepreneur spends nearly 70% of their time running a management hamster wheel. Yes, it’s a time consuming race that has a quarter of them working over 50 hours per week. But if the business owner is stretched too thin, chances are their staff are coming to the end of themselves too. 

Staff miss out on training

 It’s exhausting for business owners to chase their staff around to fix their mistakes. It’s frustrating for them to watch their team wasting precious time because they can’t find what they need. And it can be infuriating to realise that no matter how many times you show them, they still don’t know what to do. 

Even though research shows employees want to be trained, business owners in survival mode typically abandon the training and development their staff need to create business stability. Employees want to work more effectively, develop new skills, and advance their own careers. If they don’t get it, research shows 40% will leave the company altogether. If you employ millennials, 87% say they will jump ship if staying with you means missing out on professional development and career growth.

Proactive business leaders make staff training a priority. They see the learning opportunity in every mistake and they champion the development of their staff as the best way to grow the business.

Staff can feel unappreciated

When you have been tied night and day to the work of growing your business it can be difficult to pop your head up out of the trenches to check in with your team. 30% of business owners report struggling with depression, and 50% of those deteriorate through to full burnout. Reaching out to care for your team is undeniably difficult when you can barely string five minutes together to care for yourself. 

It is easy to take your staff for granted, but when employees don’t feel valued or rewarded by their employer, they are likely to leave. 79% of employees who quit cite lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving, but with proper rewards and acknowledgement 90% of employees report feeling like their work really makes a difference. 

Strategic business owners invest just a few moments each day into acknowledging their staff and the contributions they make towards lasting business expansion.  

Staff will cost too much

While your staff have the potential to be your greatest business asset, employees who miss out on the training and TLC they need can become a costly expense in any business. For every thousand employees, ineffective training costs businesses $13.5 million each year in poor customer care, reduced performance, and wasted resources. If a disgruntled employee leaves, replacing them will have the business owner spending half of their annual salary to find and train their replacement.   

The problem is that many business owners see training as a short term expense rather than an investment in the long game. Companies that invest in employee training have 24% higher profit margins than those that don’t, and they enjoy 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalised training.

Business owners burning the candle at both ends in pursuit of growth will do well to remember that being the champion of their staff will accelerate the achievement of their aims.

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