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Support to help your business go digital


Navii can provide tailored advice to help your business take the next step to go digital.

Do you want to increase your productivity, reach a larger audience and grow your business online? Navii can help you!

What is Navii?

Navii provides independent, tailored advice and support to Australian small business owners through digital tools and knowledge to increase profits and help save time in their business.

The Navii team is made up of passionate small business enthusiasts and digital coaches who aim to:

  • help small businesses navigate the vast web of information about using digital in business

  • provide trusted advice and tested technology solutions that help businesses drive their growth and productivity

  • guide small businesses on their next steps in going digital.

How does Navii support small businesses?

Free resources

Navii offers free resources, including:

  • the Next Best Steps 5 Day Challenge

  • small business case studies and stories of success

  • blog articles with advice and news

  • a list of vetted third-party resources.

Private consultations

You can purchase a 1 hour private consultation with a Navii experienced coach to help you make the right choice for your business and your situation.

Digital health checks

A digital health check will provide a detailed assessment of your business’s online presence by reviewing your website and social media profiles.

Online courses

Navii has online courses on a broad range of digital topics. With an online course, you’ll receive:

  • video lessons

  • real examples

  • written guides

  • downloadable templates

  • worksheets.

Industry training and development programs

Navii has worked with regional councils, state governments and industry groups to design training and development programs for groups of businesses. Each program is tailored to your business’ region and industry.

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