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Success is About Discipline and Persistence


If you could sit down with some of the most successful people in business and learn all the lessons of success that they had taken a lifetime to gather. Do you think that would help you to be more successful


What if you could sit down with one hundred of the most successful people who ever lived and learnt their rules, their lessons and their secrets of success? Would that help you be more successful in your life? What if you could sit down over time with more than a thousand highly successful men and women? How about two or three thousand?


Action is Everything


You probably answered spending time with these extremely successful people and learning what they learned to achieve their goals would be a great help to you. The truth is, all this advice and input would do you no good at all unless you took some specific action on what you’ve learned.


If learning about success was all it took to do great things with your life, then your success would be guaranteed. The book stores are full of self-help books, each one loaded with ideas to make you more successful. The fact is however, that all the best advice in the world will only help you if you motivate yourself to take persistent and continuous action in the direction of your goals until you succeed.


The probable result of reading this article has been that you have made some specific decisions about what you’re going to do more of and what you’re going to do less of. 


You have set certain goals for yourself in different areas of your life, and you’ve made resolutions that you’re determined to follow through on. The most important question for you now is simply. Will you do what you have resolved to do?


Self-discipline is the Core Quality


The single most important quality for success is self-discipline. Self-discipline means you have the ability within yourself, based on your strength of character and willpower, to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.


Character is the ability to follow through after the enthusiasm with which the resolution was made has passed. It’s not what you learn that’s decisive for your future. It’s whether you can apply discipline to yourself to pay the price over and over again until you finally get a result.


You need self-discipline to set your goals and make plans for their accomplishment. You need self-discipline to continually revise and up-grade your plans with new information. You need self-discipline to use your time well and to always concentrate on the one most important task you need to do at this moment. 


You need self-discipline to invest in yourself every day, to build yourself up personally and professionally, to learn what you need to learn so as to enjoy the success of which you’re capable.


You need self-discipline to delay gratification, to save your money and organise your finances so you can achieve financial independence during your working lifetime. You need self-discipline to keep your thoughts on your goals and dreams and keep them off your doubts and fears. 


You need self-discipline to respond positively and constructively in the face of difficulty.


Persistence Is Self-Discipline in Action


Perhaps the most important demonstration of self-discipline is your level of persistence when the going gets tough. Persistence is self-disciple in action. Persistence is the true measure of individual human character. You persistence is the real measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.


Each time you persist in the face of adversity and disappointment, you build the habit of persistence. You build pride, power and self-esteem into your character and personality. You become stronger and more resolute. You deepen your levels of self-discipline and personal strength. You develop in yourself the quality of success, the one quality that will carry you forward and over any obstacle.


The Two Essential Qualities


Orison Swett Marden says in his book that “there are two essential requirements for success. 


“The first is to get to it, and the second is to stick at it.”


Confucius said, more than four thousand years ago, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but rising every time we fall.”


James J. Corbett, one of the first heavyweight boxing champions said “You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things get tough, you fight one more round.” 


Yogi Berri the great American baseballer said “It ain`t over till it’s over.” And that it’s never over as long as you continue to persist.


Elbert Hubbard wrote, “There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our own inherent weakness of purpose.”


Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.”


All these successful people have learned how critical the quality of persistence is in achieving greater goals and objectives. Successful men and women are hallmarked by their incredible persistence, their refusal to quit, no matter the circumstances.


The one quality that absolutely guarantees success in business and finance is this indomitable will power and the willingness to stick with it when everything in you wants to stop and rest, or go back and do something else.


Perhaps your greatest asset is simply your ability to keep at it longer than anyone else.


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