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Quick Tip: Motivated Sellers and How to Find Them


Often businesses that are going to be sold in the near future can be identified by how motivated the seller is. Sellers that might be willing to sell, are those:

  • Who are looking at retirement, or are ill, and need an exit.

  • Owners that have been working in the business for a long time.

  • Companies that are recorded in regulator notices which have poor financial performance and already have an administrator appointed.

  • Companies that have already proceeded into liquidation.

  • Companies or businesses looking for funding.

  • Businesses that are going through changes, either with new leadership, new products or have just announced a  new strategy.

To find a motivated seller Businesses:

  • Look for businesses listed for sale in trading posts or magazines such as Australian Business for Sale.

  • Speak to your accountant or lawyer they might have direct contact with motivated sellers.

  • Network at industry events and get to know people

Sharon Robson
Antler Legal

The following extract has been taken, in part, from the book, ‘Entrepreneur Know How – Mindset and Winning Steps for Buying a Business,’ written by Sharon Robson (Available through Amazon and select bookshops). See: www.entknowhow.com/the-bookstore/