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How to stay ahead of the growth curve in your business


“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It’s hard to keep up appearances in your business when the backend is chaotic and stressful.

Successful businesses thrive on the hard work of well-oiled business processes, dedicated employees, excellent communication, continuous innovation and a desire to provide more to customers. All of these depend on how well managed a business is – how effective the management is in steering the business in the right direction.

Whether you are the business owner, a customer or a prospective investor, you want to be a part of a business that’s being run smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s explore the five groups that can see all the behind the scenes pieces of your business. These are the people who experience the effects of a poorly managed business, which this puts you on the back foot when it comes to driving business growth:

STAFF: The first group of people is your staff. What does your business look like from a staff point of view? The more you can get your staff flowing competently and confidently, you will find that they are the very people that will pick up the mission of your business expansion and drive it forward are better than you ever could. Make sure to create a supportive environment where everyone knows what a good job looks like. And when that is done, ensure that work is getting rewarded.

CUSTOMERS: The next group of people who are going to see the effects of the backend of your business are your customers. They may not see what's going on in your business filing systems, but they're certainly going to get the effects of how things are run. Make sure your customers experience a consistently positive event when they engage with your business. They should always have the same type of service, receive the same sorts of follow up, and have the same sort of exemplary experience in your business. If they don't, they may not tell you, but they will tell their friends and family or put their reviews online. So make sure that the backend of your business is driving exceptionally positive customer experiences.

SERVICE PROVIDERS: The next group of people who are going see the effect of a poorly managed business backend is your service providers. Your suppliers and contracted service providers have the potential to become some of your biggest raving fans and they have the ability to drive your business forward into new growth. If your business doesn't have a good flow when you're dealing with your service providers, that word will spread like wildfire.

FAMILY: The fourth group of people to see the effects of the behind the scenes part of your business is your family. If you're going home tired and stressed, worried that you're juggling too many balls in the air because your systems and processes don’t flow, they are going to feel the impact. But conversely, if you are refreshed, and constantly achieving and expanding in a sustainable way, your family will jump on board and celebrate that with you. It's really important to get that behind the scenes aspect of your business set up and running smoothly because you want your family to be advocates for you and your business’s growth.

YOU: And finally, the last person is you. You can put on all the smiles in the world when you’re in public, but if your business is a mess behind that veil, deep down you know that things aren't right. It is hugely important that you have a sense of integrity and honour about what’s happening in the engine room of your business. If your business is clean and clear, and it matches the glossy front end of your business, then you know the entire operation is being represented truthfully for everyone to see.

If you want to stay ahead of the growth curve in your business, it's really important that the back end of your business matches what's happening in the front. If you want to continue to scale that business through to become something that's bigger than yourself, expanding, multiplying, creating a positive impact in the world, you need to realise that in reality, what’s happening behind the scenes is driving what people see and experience, and not the other way around.


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