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5 simple ways to keep your customers coming back


Don't take your return customers for granted. Read our tips for keeping customers happy and coming back.

While most businesses have a focus on attracting new customers, it's just as important to keep your current customers coming back.

Here are our tips for encouraging repeat customers.

1. Employ the right people

Unpleasant experiences with employees are one of the main reasons for customers leaving a business and not returning.

Good employees are the key to developing a good reputation for your business. Your employees are the face of your business and the main point of contact for customers.

Having friendly, efficient and happy employees with good customer service skills will give your customers a positive experience and ensure they more likely to return.

2. Stay in touch

Staying in touch with your customers through emails and reminders can help you stay on their radar. Email newsletters are a simple way of giving regular updates, like details on special offers or promotions that can remind and encourage them to visit your business.

Some email tools can let you organise customers by groups to provide more personalised offers or information. For example, if you know their date of birth, you could send a birthday greeting with a special offer.

There is a fine line between keeping in touch and sending spam. Make sure your communication is meaningful and serves a purpose. The information should be interesting and relevant to your customers.

3. Show your appreciation

Customers who feel valued are more likely to feel loyal to your business, come back again and recommend it to others.

There are many ways you can show your gratitude, from a personal phone call to a written thank you note or a special reward, such as extra product or a discount.

Creating customer loyalty programs to reward frequent customers can encourage them to continue coming back in order to receive their reward. For example, every tenth coffee a customer buys is free.

4. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Making your communication channels clear and easy to use is vital for establishing new customers and keeping existing customers coming back.

Your communication methods should be clearly displayed on your businesses Google listing and if you have one, your website.

Customers should also be able to reach you through your social media channels, through comments or direct messages.

To keep customers happy, make a point of responding to social media comments, emails and voicemail messages quickly.

5. Take responsibility

Your brand reputation is essential for encouraging customers to return. To keep up a good reputation, it's important to admit when you make a mistake and apologise if necessary.

It’s important to respond to customer reviews or complaints quickly, so that you have the best chance at winning them back.

By admitting your mistakes and attempting to fix them, customers can see that you’re willing to correct faulty processes and prevent future mistakes. It can also increase your business authenticity, which is a selling point for customers.

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