Combine your passion for business and helping others succeed

Sydney Hills District NSW
Asking Price $48,000

Do you want to be your own boss? Have more independence and flexibility? Earn what you're really worth? Make a difference in the community? With today's corporate environment, chances are you've already thought about being your own boss and owning your own business. If you are like most current employees (and those in transition), you've thought about this multiple times. Well, as a franchise business owner with The Alternative Board (TAB), you will have the opportunity to be "in business for yourself, but not by yourself." Since 1990, TAB has helped over 20,000 business owners achieve their personal and professional goals through monthly business advisory boards and coaching. We are looking for business professionals who are leaders in their areas of expertise. You could be a consultant, coach, business owner or senior business professional – looking to combine your passion for business and helping others succeed.

Right now there is an opportunity to purchase the Sydney Hills District territory from existing owner John Sweeney who will retain his neighbouring territory of Ryde Parramatta. This provides the new owner with the support of the TAB franchise business and community but also support from the existing owner to build on the brand name already known in the territory.

Why Join TAB?

Our Members love TAB. The average TAB member stays with us for over 4 years! This means predictable income for you, but a chance to make a real difference to a company and its leadership team.

It's local – so no more travel (unless you go on vacation!). You get an exclusive territory made up of around 20,000 businesses.

Hours of operation are strictly business hours. Apart from a few breakfast networking meetings – the majority of your working day will be 9 – 5. This means you will be working smarter, not harder and be home for all the important family and social events.

Proven system that has been in operation for over 25 years and has been named the Number 1 Business Coaching and Consulting Franchise. This means that we know what we are doing and exactly what you should be looking for in a franchise partner.

We take care of all the accounting for you. We do all the invoicing, collect dues from your members and pay you the same day each month.

You get to wake up every day and make a difference using your business experience and skills.

You get to work from home, from your home office. Being a business services business means that there is very little overhead to run your business.

World-class training from people who have successfully launched franchisees all around the world.

What does typical month look like for a TAB Facilitator / Coach?

Facilitating: Following the proven TAB system, each month you will host multiple 4-hour board meetings made up of business owners in your local community. You will be instrumental in making sure each TAB Board Member gets maximum value from each board meeting by helping draw out actionable ideas and strategies to help improve the business and the business owner.

Coaching: Each of your board members will meet with you each month where you will be their accountability partner to make sure what they promised to themselves (and their board) is actually implemented in their business.

Sales: You will meet with all the "movers and shakers" in the business community and explain what it is TAB does and how it can help business owners. You will meet with potential strategic alliance partners, event hosts and prospective board members face to face to determine whether there is a good fit or potential partnership. You will use multiple weapons in your sales arsenal including direct dialing, email outreach or simply stopping by and introducing yourself and TAB.

Business networking and events: You will attend business networking events, and even host a few of your own. You enjoy being out in your local community and knowing a lot of people in the business community. You will be asked to deliver topic talks on business growth by local networking events where you will firstly provide value, and explain why TAB offers a great benefit to the small to medium sized business community.

Marketing: You will be using a wide array of marketing tactics to grow your business including direct marketing, social media, event marketing to name a few. You will use all these tactics (following TABs proven systems) so that you will cement in the minds of the business community that you are both a great resource for entrepreneurs wanting to seriously grow their businesses.

Consulting: Because you will be a trusted business advisor, you will get from time to time business consulting assignments from your members. The scope of this opportunity can be as niche or broad as you would like to make it.

Are you TAB ready?

This is a franchise opportunity, so we are really looking for a business partner, someone who will represent the TAB brand in the right way. You will be the type of person who exhibits these skills and attributes:-

Great communicator. You be someone who people naturally like to converse with and open themselves up to. You understand that being a great communicator is not just about what you say, but how well you listen.

Business leadership. You are a growth expert in business, someone who has the ability to help a business grow through its people, its systems and its innovation. You will have an area of expertise (marketing, sales, finance, operations) but will also be passionate about learning all areas of business and people development.

Can-do attitude. When you join TAB, you are not buying yourself a job. You are buying (in part) the formula to help all willing business owners succeed. TAB is looking for people who are prepared to do whatever it takes to spread the TAB message in your local community. This means getting out into your business community and meeting a lot of people and sharing our great story.

Positive-minded. TAB is an organization of business leaders who are all striving to help their local business communities. We are looking for people who have a glass half full mentality who will represent what we do and our culture well.

Hardworking and hungry. You know that this is your business and will be willing to work hard in order to build it to the level you need it to be. You consider yourself competitive, wanting to blaze new trails and break company records

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Client No: W1990610431 Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.
Contact this seller
Client No: W1990610431 Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.