Profitable Marine Services Business – Sydney

Sydney NSW
Asking Price $750,000
Market Leader in Repair & Maintenance Services for the Marine Industry. T/O $2.8 million with income to owner $397K in 2023 FY

Business ID: BS154848

Founded in 1994 with a focus on the marine industry, this business has emerged as a premier provider of electrical and motor services and repairs, particularly for the cruiseliner sector. With a substantial portion of its turnover coming from this niche market, it has established a dominant position, catering to both cruise liners and industrial contractors.

Key Highlights:

   -  Specialized Clientele: Primarily serves high-value clients in the cruiseliner industry, accounting for about 60% to 69% of the total turnover.

   -  Resilient and Growing: Demonstrated strong resilience and growth post-COVID-19, exceeding pre-pandemic performance levels.

   -  Strategic Client Relationships: Maintains a select, high-value client base with long-term relationships, ensuring stable and recurring business.

   -  Market Presence: A well-known name in the marine electrical services sector, known for quality and reliability.

   -  Growth Opportunity: The company’s current focus on a smaller segment of high-value clients presents significant expansion potential for the new owner.

Owner Transition: The current owner is ready to pass on this successful business to a motivated successor, ensuring a smooth transition.

This sale offers a unique opportunity to acquire a leading business in the marine services industry, ideal for those looking to enter or expand in this specialized and profitable field.

Asking Price: $750,000, reflecting the value of a well-established, profitable business with both tangible and non-tangible assets.

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