Function Centre, Club, Restaurant and Bar Business – Brisbane

Brisbane QLD
Asking Price $700,000
Under Supervision - Income to Owners $369,000+

Business ID: BS153070

Situated in the lively heart of Brisbane’s most animated suburb, this multifaceted business encompasses a cafe, nightclub, functions and events, and a restaurant. Renovated in late 2019, the rooftop nightclub and restaurant have become a popular choice, opening two nights a week and three nights on the fourth week of each month. Notably, the business features a distinct women’s functions and events concept with an easily operated online booking system introduced for minimal input. The function centre side of the business was fully fitted out in 2020 and commenced operations in December of the same year.

The owners have meticulously organized the business’s operations, implementing comprehensive procedures, systems, and roles. A clear hierarchy has been established, outlining tasks for both managers and staff. The business caters to a diverse clientele, appealing to young to mid-age crowds through its restaurant and functions, while also attracting local workers who enjoy taking breaks at the outdoor cafe. The decor has been thoughtfully curated, incorporating artifacts and assets from various continents. The customer experience has been consistently enhanced, reflecting the dedication to refining overall business operations. The overall flavour of the entire business leaves a unique taste to its customers.

   -  Consistent turnover of $3M for the last 3 FY

   -  Earnings to owners, including wages averaging $375,000

   -  Assets and fit-outs over $750,000 spent over the last four years

   -  A very well-streamlined business ready to be set under management or passed on

   -  Business maintains continuously the three different spaces

   -  Nightclub opens only two nights a week as the Restaurant and Bar

   -  Online booking system has been perfected for easy-to-run functions and events

Terms of settlement: One month of handover will be offered as part of the sale.

This business presents an ideal opportunity for hospitality owners and investors seeking a strategically located and efficiently managed venture. Experienced proprietors can leverage the well-documented systems and processes, allowing them to focus on driving business growth.

For young entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the event and hospitality industry, this business offers an appealing entry point. The documented systems provide a structured framework for them to engage in and contribute to the industry.

Asking Price: $700,000

Property Code: 3748
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