Vertically Integrated Building Products Retailer

Sydney NSW
Asking Price $8,550,000
How often does a Retailer get to control 100% of their supply?

Set against a backdrop of increasing housing and renovation demands, this business is primed for expansion, offering the perfect venture for forward-thinking investors. These Aluminium and glazed building products are required on all homes in significant quantities.

Control your own destiny with this business as it is beholden to no-one. Thousands of customers, internal production and multiple material supplier options. This is a rare one with the added incentive of easy geographic growth before you even consider product expansion. If you need more, there are NO credit terms so all customers pay in advance. The only reason this 12 year old business is for sale at all is that the owner is retiring.

Key Highlights:
* Ideally positioned to leverage the booming housing and renovation sector, this business offers significant growth prospects as housing bounces back. People have to live somewhere.
* Benefit from a business model with complete supply chain control, ensuring both operational efficiency and enhanced profitability. The business manufactures its own products and sells through its multiple Sydney based retail sites and sales team.
* Offering a wide array of high-quality building products, the business caters effectively to the residential market. Mainly DIY and owner builders so no credit terms are offered. All payments are in advance.
* Acquire a well-established business with a robust reputation, strong market presence, and a loyal customer base, built through consistent quality service and proven product excellence to Australian Standards.
* With fully-equipped manufacturing facilities and a skilled workforce, the business is primed for seamless growth and expansion into new geographic areas, online or new products.

This is your chance to helm a market-leading company on the cusp of significant expansion.

Listing ID:NSW11211

Broker: Richard Matthews

Broker: Mark Jason
Phone: +61 2 9899 1999, xxxxx

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