Skin cancer clinic. DPA + MMM1 NSW Central Coast.

Gosford & Central Coast Region, NSW
Asking Price $115,000 ONO
After 52 yrs practicing; thisskin cancer proceduristGP (70%)is ready to retire! There is a 2ndskin cancer Dr wkg P/T doing 2x days/wk (Mon + Tues) but dueto current health issues, the outgoing GP owner will work only limited hrs.

The current pt load will becovered by the remaining GP;if you wanted to locum here w/a view to buying, please advise &we'll getyou rostered ASAP! Nurses assistw/the procedural work as this is theonly dedicated skin cancer on the coast &they are BUSY 3x days/wk!

Located on the top/2nd floor, the clinic(w/ 3x CR,2xnurserms &2x operating theatres, dressing rooms etc) is right next to aPrivate Hosp, so is effectively w/in a health hub. There is a long-term lease forthe clinic (6 yrs w/terms of2x2x yrs). The head lease is held by the skin clinic upstairs (w/a bond of $84K which the outgoing vendorwill get back) &a sublease isin place w/the GP clinic downstairs who pays 45% of the gross rent (about $66K pa). The lease for the GP subtenant is 5 yrs w/2 yrs remaining +3x3yr terms. The GP subtenant pays40% of outgoings. The lift will be replaced by the landlords if a new buyer takes on a new 5x year head lease.

Lavertyrentis $52,800 paincl GST w/ collection rms downstairs whereby all of the histopathology is sent for review &reporting from a pathologist. The path lease is for 1 yr renewed annually.

The clinic is not accreditedso no jnr drs, PIPS or WIPS. The PM has moved to another clinic so ideally a husband &wife Dr &PM could buy this business if passionateaboutskin cancer or w/a surgical bent &in need of multiple treatments rms!

Small additional income from an injecting GP offsets the rent. Bulk billing is offered to pensioners and paediatric pts as well as DVA pts.

Gross Income  P/T Dr  Owner Dr Total Practice
* FY 22  $230K    $690K   Over $1M gross
* FY 21  $225K   $720K   $945K
* FY 20 $240K   $770K   Over $1M gross

Initial meetings will be scheduled online&an in-person site visit maytake placeat a mutually agreed time.
* No#of pts- 19,374
* pts seen FY22 - 5,118
* pts seen FY21 -5,219

Sally Stuart:sally.xxxxx
CA link:https://xxxxx-for-sale/listing-enquiry/?listingid=5fa98657-8716-4db7-a00b-8f112218a8ad

NB: The purchaser to make his/her own investigations &inquiries in relation to the business ¬ to rely upon warranty or statement made by the vendor or by anyone on his/her behalf.

Ref: NSW11098
Ref: NSW11098
Timestamp: 2024xxxxx
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