Beautiful Gold Coast shopping centre GP clinic

Asking Price $959,000
Est just before COVID 19, this modern, well-appointed 10x rm GP practice w/ Cosmetic services is seeking a new owner. During the pandemic, clinics were requested to BB their pts for telehealth; however, the restrictions have been lifted & this practice is now offering mixed billing w/ private billing for those without a pension or healthcare card.

Opening Hrs: Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm (closed w/ends so opportunity to grow this practice)

Google Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 from 168 reviews online means they are doing so many things right when it comes to keeping their pts happy. From the receptionist to the practice principle, these people give great pt service w/ a smile! 

* Dr 1 - M/W/F - privately billing (70/30% fee split)
* PM  16 hrs/wk, P/T
* Admin 1 - 25 hrs/wk, P/T
* Admin 2  1 day p/wk Cas/as needed
* Enrolled Nurse  3 days/wk


Accreditation: AGPAL accredited, PIPs + WIPs of around $100k pa + additional incentives for taking students

Path: 4-cyte pays $74k pa incl GST (or $67,273 pa)

Pkg: the shopping centre offers 3 hrs free parking below the clinic

Allied health/other subtenants for 2023 ($180,720K pa):
* Osteopath pays $1,100/month for 2 days/wk = $13,200 pa
* Hearing tests $350 x4/month = $16,320 pa
* $900 for 2 days/month from external work cover drs from to use the rooms/facilities = $10,800 pa
* DVA rents 4x rms from July 10th '23 + pays $16,600 per month + GST for 6-months contract or $99,600 pa
* Iron Infusion clinic pays $3,400 + GST/month = $40,800 pa


Rent: Incl outgoings is $192K pa - path $67,273 - allied/other subtenants $180,720K => rent positive by $55K+

Skin clinic: 30 pts/day being scanned with Molemax + skin dr bkd out 2x wks in advance

Site visits may take place after an online meeting with the business owner as he has relocated o/seas. Site visits at times mutually agreed with the Gold Coast broker. 

Broker: Sally Stuart
M: xxxxx
E: sally.xxxxx

To complete an online CA, visit this business & enquire now at: https://xxxxx-for-sale/listing-enquiry/?listingid=ea2395dc-237d-489d-a1ae-305cd99cf408

Some details of the business for sale are confidential & disclosure is subject to completing a CA together w/ the discretion of the broker.

Purchasers are req.d to make their own enquiries in order to verify the information provided.

Ref: NSW10674
Ref: NSW10674
Timestamp: 2023xxxxx
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