Vending Mobile Power Bank - QLD – Minimum Investment $49k

Brisbane QLD
Asking Price Minimum investment $49K + GST
Business ID: BS151526 - Lifetime Passive Income – Unlimited Growth Potential

This Unique Opportunity allows you to earn an Unlimited Passive Income from anywhere in the world!

Mobile devices are paramount to our daily lives – we do our banking, pay for shopping, transport, even a boarding pass to get on a plane. GoBank solves the problem!

GoBank is a power bank RENTAL and advertising business which is achieving rapid growth across Australia and globally.


-GoBank Power stations come in 4 sizes priced from $1,666 to $15,000.

-Your choice of size and quantity with a minimum investment of $49k.

-Premium locations, installations and products all inclusive.

-Re-stocking and ongoing support provided by the GoBank team of experts.

-GoBank App with GPS mapping system available from the App Store or Google Play.

-Monitor your business from anywhere in the world using the GoBank App.

-Power bank returnable to any GoBank Station, no need to retrieve the device to receive your rental income.

-GoBank Stations are custom designed with a 43-inch HD monitor for advertising and instructional guide.

-GoBank is partnered with leading shopping malls, bars, hotels, restaurants, transportation hubs, entertainment venues, hospitals and airports.

-GoBank has partnered with Advertising Agencies. GoBank sells this space for you – giving you GUARANTEED INCOME before you even rent a single Power Bank.

-New Electronic Charging products coming soon !?

GOBANK POWER is looking for quality partners to invest in GoBank STATIONS in locations all over Australia and Asia.


Be part of the GOBANK POWER revolution! Apply for this Exclusive Opportunity now – and start your journey of a lifetime – TODAY!

Minimum investment $49K + GST

CALL 24/7 for enquiries xxxxx

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