Cairns QLD
Asking Price $4,350,000
Specialising in the production and supply of mulch products in bulk commercial loads, market leading Cairns Mulch has serviced commercial and trade customers in the Cairns, Tablelands, Mareeba, Douglas and Cook Shires for many years. Also offering on site mulching, the fully trained team are experienced experts and have forged a reputation for delivering effective, professional and reliable services.

Mulch products are created from green waste vegetation and all products are pasteurized to eliminate any seeds and plant propagules from weed species, harmful bacteria or pathogens. Fine Mulch is perfect as garden cover as it breaks down slowly and becomes an ideal soil conditioner. Super Fine Mulch, due to smaller particles, reinvigorates plants quickly as it provides a nice, even mat, keeping weeds out and moisture in.  

Cairns Mulch currently has trading relationships in place with the following:

•    Central and Southern Cairns Regional Council - Contract to 2025
•    Cassowary Coast Regional Council - Contract to 2025
•    Tablelands, Douglas and Cook Regional Councils - preferred Contractor since 2006
•    Weipa - Remondis / Rio Tinto - preferred Contractor since 2008
•    Preferred Contractor for FGF, HEH, Koppens, Mendi, MPDT, Hy-Tec, Scott Kennedy Entities, Remondis-Springmount and Bugeja Earthmoving

Unencumbered Fleet and Plant and Equipment included in the asking price is listed in full in the Business Profile. Plant and Equipment and stock on hand was recently appraised at circa $3M.

Business Growth opportunities include:

•    Fully portable business which can be integrated into an existing operation
•    Commercial Mulch conversion to fertilizer, with additives - as trials are currently being conducted agriculturally
•    Mulch beneficial use for Composting, which has the potential to be a massive industry and to boost already impressive financials
•    Waste Management and Earthmoving bolt-on capability

The exiting Owner is prepared to offer a generous handover period and to assist in the business transition and relocation. All fully trained, experienced staff wish to continue their employment with a Buyer.

Rarely do such unique businesses with long term contracts and trading relationships in place reach the market. Interested parties are encouraged to request the full Business Profile.
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