34051 Online Weight Loss & Wellbeing Subscription Service

Asking Price $500,000
Calling all health insurance funds, allied health providers, meal delivery services and dietetics experts! This acquisition is your gateway to exponential growth. Seamlessly integrate this platform into your services and watch your customer base expand. Discover a unique opportunity to acquire a thriving e-health and tele-health business specialising in online weight loss and wellbeing solutions. This business offers a subscription service that provides users with access to an advanced online weight and habit tracking platform, coupled with comprehensive weight loss education. Subscribers benefit from personalised guidance from accredited dietitians, ensuring a holistic and evidence-based approach to improving health and weight management.

Operating entirely online, this internationally-reaching venture presents an unrivalled chance for growth within the dynamic health and wellness industry. With a solid customer base spanning the globe, this program has effectively captivated a highly engaged community. Its reputation as an industry leader is further cemented by its association with a prestigious University, adding a layer of credibility that distinguishes it from competitors.

Unlike fleeting fads, this subscription service offers a sustainable and scientifically grounded weight loss solution. The program's foundation in evidence-based practices and long-term success sets it apart from quick fixes. Backed by a wealth of quality content, including three best-selling books, this business has witnessed exponential growth since its inception in 2020. Its strong domain authority and recognition from a renowned obesity expert contribute to its credibility, both locally and on a global scale.

The business has secured invaluable partnerships with prominent private health insurers, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, and upcoming collaborations with corporate workplace health providers. Notably, all customers have been driven solely by word-of-mouth and reputation, underlining the immense potential for expansion through strategic partnerships and paid marketing efforts. This business has already demonstrated its eligibility for and success in securing the Research and Development Grant and Export Market Development Grant from the Australian Government, reinforcing its dedication to innovation and international growth.

Key Features:

- 100% online, reaching customers from all over the world.

- Backed by a prestigious university with strategic partnerships with health insurers and super funds.

- Established brand in a high-growth industry.

Don't miss out on becoming a part of this transformative venture poised to shape the future of online weight loss and wellbeing. Enquire now to capitalise on its established brand, engaged community, and vast potential for further growth in both domestic and international markets.

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