Manufacture And Distribution Niche Product Profit $440,000 Newcastle.

Newcastle NSW
Asking Price $1,400,000
This remarkable business opportunity is the result of the owner's decision to retire, creating a unique prospect in the market.

This venture offers a compelling combination of low staffing overheads and substantial profit margins, operating within the Compliance & Safety sector of the expansive recreational industry. The financial report for 2023 reveals an EBITDA exceeding $500,000, all of which has been achieved without the owner's day-to-day involvement.

Here are some key highlights to consider:
- Established since 1995, with the current owner taking the helm in June 2014.
- The owner's motivation for selling is their desire to retire at the age of 70.
- The owner has expertly streamlined the business operations to a point where their daily presence is no longer necessary.
- Operating hours are from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm, providing a favourable work-life balance.
- This business has the flexibility to be run from any location along the East Coast of Australia.
- It boasts exceptionally low staffing requirements, making it an ideal venture for a working couple to manage effectively.
- The relationship with a high-quality Chinese manufacturer has been cultivated over 12 years, ensuring top-notch product quality.
- The company maintains a very healthy financial record with minimal outstanding accounts receivable.
- Possessing 18 domain names that consistently rank at the top two positions on Google, the business has a strong online presence.
- Opportunities for future growth are substantial, with designs registered in the UK and EU, as well as a pending patent application in the USA, tapping into a market approximately 100 times the size of Australia.
- All products and accessories meet stringent AS/NZS benchmarks, guaranteeing quality and compliance.
- The level of competition is notably low, positioning this business as a dominant force in its sector.

This opportunity combines a successful and well-established track record with a strong growth potential, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to enter or expand in the Compliance & Safety sector within the recreational industry.

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