UNDER CONTRACT - Supplier Of Spare Parts For The Food, Packaging And Recycling Industries

Sydney NSW
Asking Price $6,200,000
Established over a decade ago, this business has meticulously cultivated its reputation as a premier specialist in the provision of machine replacement parts, catering specifically to the Food, Packaging, and Recycling Industries.

Over the past eight years, this enterprise has enjoyed a remarkable average annual sales growth rate of 15%, demonstrating its consistent success in meeting the industry's demands. The fiscal year from 2022 to 2023 marked a significant milestone, with an impressive 24% surge in growth.
Distinguished by its comprehensive service offerings, this business serves as a one-stop destination for all replacement parts needs within the food processing, packaging, and corrugated industries. This versatility positions it as a vital partner for companies spanning these three manufacturing sectors.

With a broad and diversified customer base, this business is not beholden to any single client, mitigating risks associated with overreliance on a single source of revenue. Its clientele is continually expanding, a testament to the effectiveness of its marketing strategies, which encompass Glossy Parts Catalogues, impactful Trade Show presence, prominent visibility in Google search results, and a strong network driven by word of mouth.

At the helm of this thriving enterprise is an adept management team boasting extensive experience. Their well-established processes facilitate the procurement of spare parts from around the globe, ensuring a wide-ranging selection and rapid fulfilment of client needs within Australia.

Furthermore, the owners of this successful venture are looking to transition into retirement, offering a unique opportunity for potential investors or buyers. Their commitment to remain involved during a transition period serves as a valuable asset, guaranteeing a seamless handover that preserves the business's momentum and paves the way for a prosperous future. The continuity in operations ensures the business will not just survive but thrive under new stewardship.

2023  $7,106,645
2022  $5,662,195
2021  $5,108,804
2020  $5,288,947
2019  $4,322,423

2023  $1,571,177
2022  $1,298,624
2021  $1,200,118
2020  $929,254
2019  $879,048
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