Plaza Newsagency Port Macquarie A Rare Purchase. Priced to sell $160k + S.A.V.

Port Macquarie NSW
Asking Price $160,000 + SAV
Wow! Latest figures, this newsagency in Port Macquarie shows the Lott commissions for the "BIG" the Lott jackpot week ending Thursday February 1 was $10,000 that was more than a thousand dollars a day for the 7 days GST free!

Port Macquarie needs no introduction as its popularity is well known as a family and tourist destination. The City of Port Macquarie and Hastings area is a little over eighty thousand with Town population of forty thousand.

It has an even age group spread from new born to 100-year-olds. The standard of housing and unit occupancy is excellent as are all the facilities such as University for those who wish to stay in Port after completing their schooling at one of the excellent high schools. Shopping standards have the nation's best as well as the boutique individual styles from independents. All of this plus an easy business to run with nothing to spend as the Lott latest fit out is complete and working a treat.

Current owners purchased the newsagency 19 years ago and have been through many changes both in business and with the growth and development within the town. Recent changes including Gifts and Souvenirs, complemented by the very good Henderson Card range, are showing very good growth in the total Social Expression area.
Lotteries net commissions of $169k p.a. or $3,200 per week earn a surplus that covers the full occupancy costs plus contributing over extra $2k per week. Commissions earned will increase with the new the Lott recent announcement of a commission rise to 12% which on current earnings will be an extra say $400 p. w. This would enable other products to be introduced, further developing the Social Expression, which is the fastest growing section with community - based Newsagencies today.
The Plaza Newsagency has the added benefit of tourism which we are informed by the owners, is the big growth area especially since COVID. The over 60-year-olds, the Grey Nomads, are caravanning and travelling by road, staying as long as they like and moving on, taking a small souvenir/gift or sending a postcard/gift to friends.
The owners have engaged a separate part of their business by taking on most of Port Macquarie's DISTRIBUTION of newspaper home deliveries, offices, and Subagents.
They employ 2 staff to do this task 7 days a week and provide to the new owners two motor vehicles, hand wrap (all-inclusive in this very reasonable price) for the basic few NINE published products as News Corp pre plastic wrap and deliver to the newsagency this way daily. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, and the delivery preparation is conducted in the spare room at the rear of the store. Deliveries are a separate contract with publishers and can be sold with publisher approval or cancelled by giving the publishers 3 months' notice. It is therefore wise to take over this Distribution as it makes good money and decide what to do with this income stream once the new purchaser has control.
For further discussion review the Business Profile as well as contact us for more exciting possibilities with new opportunities for this store.: Graeme Day  xxxxx or Jacqueline Rossiter xxxxx.
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