WARNERS BAY Newsagency, Incredible Opportunity only $165,000 + S.A.V.

Asking Price $165,000
WARNERS BAY Newsagency, Lottery Franchise, Gifts, Incredible Opportunity only $165,000 + S.A.V.
The current Newsagency owners decided to move to larger premises a few years ago creating a more vibrant new style business in 215 square metres with excellent facilities - Lunch Room, Office, and Store Room plus Wrapping Section for Home Deliveries (if needed). Considering the lifestyle of their local community, their customer base demographics, age groups, household income, schooling, and employment they re- focused their business. This was/is just the beginning of an unfinished project. They created a community first by targeting Gifts and other Social Expression items with Greeting Cards.
Last year in 2022 Centre management negotiated smaller premises opposite the current store at a cheaper rent and, after much negotiation and reviewing the value of the store and its current value, an excellent package with a much more workable base rent with a five year new lease in the same current position has been agreed upon.

Being categorized as an essential service, now reclassified as "Critical Retail" there has been an unexpected yet sustainable increase, and Goodwill adding benefit to the category's usage. It basically made this store and newsagencies in general a destination store in the event of "Lock Downs" or other types of retail crisis.
During the period although trading well, stock needed to be controlled, pending what outcome would be. This has been sustained over an 18 - month trading period. Now with more stock coming through this time, these figures are expected to increase considerably and particularly during the second half of this year 2023.
This new style Newsagency with huge "the Lott" profits per week -pays the new rent plus outgoings and returns a surplus from net commissions of an extra $700 per week or $35,500 p.a. The business is transitioning from a strong base, with a fresh approach and with a renewed vigor with the excellent lease terms and conditions, to one exuding confidence with the future by introducing new exciting stock and possibly a new venture of which could be discussed to ensure even greater success for the new owners.
Time to create a greater atmosphere with more selected Gifts, Children's Toys and a full range of Adults and Children's Books, providing an opportunity to increase profits considerably.
Create your own future and fortune with this incredible business opportunity. This business, with its community goodwill participation and prospects of further growth, is just the Beginning to build on this new styled shopping future with "the Lott" paving the way to greater success.
*  Opening hours 6.00 a.m.to 6.00 p.m. plus two half days.
*  Social Expression: -Cards-Gifts an excellent performance of over $3,100 per week Gross Profit
*  Stationery -S.O.H.O. - Small Office Home Office, plus School purchases and Magazines needs lay-out revamping to suit the current demands.
*  Distribution of Newspapers is a service connected to the local community however can be relinquished with 3 months' notice to publisher if desired. NO GOODWILL has been asked for this incredibly good service that is considered a bonus.
*  Interesting to note that with adjustment to turnover and overheads (wages and other Delivery expenses) the same net profit result can be achieved. This is an incredible opportunity as the current owners wish to retire and move back to their family in their Country town of origin. The location offers both current local environment next to an extremely busy Coles Supermarket and such a pleasant environment by the great Lake Macquarie foreshore, with holiday and daily visitors a plenty.  Contact us for the latest information for this Essential/Critical Retail Business.
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