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Get Lost Travel trading as MTB Adventures has been successfully operating mountain bike day tours to the You Yangs Regional Park since April 2015 along with customised tours to Lysterfield and Forrest. Growing market trends with a proven business model which makes this opportunity cherry ripe for the right person. With all of the groundwork laid and the heavy lifting done, the company is primed for someone looking for a business in a box, ready to go complete with:

  • A full set of proven systems, manuals, emergency management plans
  • Proven itineraries
  • Equipment - a full modern fleet of bikes, helmets & custom made bike trailer
  • Stylish MTB Adventures Toyota Hiace Commuter
  • Sales & distribution channels
  • Parks licencing guidance
  • Website & other intellectual property

From 1st April 2015 to the 30 December 2018 (3 seasons), our day tours have carried 935 passengers with a grossing $100,387.96 with a gross profit of $83,461.95.

The business owners passion lies in the extended touring products and we have made a conscious decision to move away from the day touring market. You will notice the shift in direction is evident in the 2018/19 data below.
With the shift in direction, we are looking to hand over the reins of a very slick operation we've spent 4 years perfecting. It's bursting with opportunity and ideal for someone who likes to enjoy their time at work, ride their bike, be there own boss, get paid, stay fit and meet new people from around the world.

Quick Facts:

  • A very niche business with high barriers to entry and difficult to replicate
  • The number one Mountain Bike Tour business in Melbourne
  • Business in a box, ready to go complete with all assets needed to hit the ground running
  • No direct competition
  • Established sales channels and distribution
  • 98% 5* Reviews with a great reputation

Sale Items and Terms
Seeking $150,000 Circa including good will, digital & physical assets. We are keen for a quick sale and open to offers. 

The purchase of MTB Adventures includes intellectual property and physical and digital assets to operate mountain bike day tours from Melbourne. The sale will provide the new owners with all they need to run successful day tours.
Get Lost Travel PTY LTD will continue operating mountain bike tours under the brand Mountain Bike Tours Australia with a focus on extended mountain bike touring.
The new owners will not be permitted to operate multi-day mountain bike tours for a period of 3 years from the date of sale and in return, Get Lost Travel PTY LTD will not operate any 1 day mountain bike tours and direct all 1 day mountain bike tour operations and enquiries to the new owners for this same period.
As part of the agreement, Mountain Bike Tours Australia will continue to sell the day tours at a commission rate of 20% per sale.

Sale items will include physical, intellectual and digital assets as outlined below:
Physical Asset Register

  • Passenger Van - 2011 Toyota Commuter, 14 seats, diesel
  • Custom bike trailer - 14 slots, registered, locking storage box and bike locks
  • Bike Fleet – 14 x Kona Blast (2018), 2 x small, 6 x medium, 5 x large and 1 x extra-large (almost new)
  • Helmets – 16 x Azur Switchback, 8 x small/medium and 8 x medium/large

Intellectual Assets

  • Goodwill
  • 4 years of sales and market data
  • Sales channels and contacts
  • Tour costings template
  • 3 x day tour itineraries: You Yangs, Lysterfield & Forrest
  • 3 x activity plans
  • 3 x day tour Risk documentation
  • Existing Supplier and Industry (Mountain Bike & Tourism) contacts

Digital Assets

  • Website
  • www.mt... (click to show)
  • Additional www.mo... (click to show) domain
  • Domain specific email linked to G-Suite
  • 92 Trip Advisor Reviews with a 5* rating of 98%
  • Established Facebook page with 2,364 followers
  • Established Instagram page with 1,230 followers
  • Collection of tour imagery and content
  • Free Independent Traveller (FIT) Sales Avenues

Below is an outline of where the majority of bookings have come from for the FIT market. This has been the main avenue of sales to date and requires regularly scheduled departures.

Direct Business- 46.7% (This is made up of MTB Adventures, Wildlife Tours & Autopia Tours Websites)
Travel Agents / Distribution Partners 53.3%
Along with the regular free independent traveller booking avenues, there lies tremendous opportunity in other avenues for custom groups as well as packaged deals fit for market.
Booking Partners
Over 50 Booking/ Distribution & Sales Partners. Has been our main avenue for bookings.

School Groups
We have worked with a few school groups who have come to us however, we have not actively chased this space. They are more price sensitive than the FIT market and require a strict 1:6 ratio, where the second guide to the second 6 (up to 12) can be a teacher. They are typically looking at group sizes from 18 – 25 pax, including staff. They fit well with the FIT season, offering business during the slower winter

Youth Groups
We have worked with one youth group (Star Health) on a repeat basis but again, not actively chased this area. We were recently approached by The Huddle, a youth group affiliated with North Melbourne Football Club which could be re-ignited with the relevant contacts.

An area we initially looked into but was difficult to get a foot into the agencies. If able to get a foot it, a great windfall. Some potential companies to work with:
Amazing Team Building
Be Challenged
Total Team Building
Beyond The Board Room
Corporate Challenge International
Urban Quest
Other Groups
We have had repeat business from other groups that book on a completely custom basis. In addition to this, we have custom requests come through from third-party sellers.

The Market
Whilst mountain biking is the activity, the tours fall into the soft adventure tourism market. As such, the vast majority of our customers to date have been on the beginner side to the sport, but have an adventurous spirit and are likely giving mountain biking a go for the first time. We have found these people to be the perfect fit and the right kind of person for these tours. Below is an outline of the typical person booking onto one of our tours over the last 4 years. While the full stretch of data spans slightly different numbers, the below Market description fits the "best fit" for the tour.
"The 1 Day MTB tour market is a 50/50 mix of a male & female between the ages of 18-50 and typically Australian. They're interested in and partake in outdoor activities such as hiking, bushwalking, social sports and general fitness and have a moderate level of fitness. The vast majority of them have not ridden a mountain bike or off-road before and are taking the tour to give it a try. Their skill level ranges from beginner-low intermediate."
Gender: Female (50%), Male (50%)
Nationality: Australian (Melbourne) & New Zealand
Language: English
Age: 18-50yo
Interests/Lifestyle: Includes but not limited to – Nature, Outdoors, hiking, bushwalking, trekking, fitness, adventure, social sports such as netball/basketball
Income: $60,000+
Riding Style: Cross Country
Trail Difficulty: Easy – Soft-Intermediate
Fitness Level: Moderate
While the above has become the "Best Fit" for the tour, below is a brief outline of our survey data from the 1st of April 2015 to the 1st April 2019 across the full spectrum in regards to Country of Origin, Age Ranges, Gender and Gender & Age breakdowns. Note this does not account for school groups taken.

Competition & Other Companies
We have a unique space and market being the first company in Melbourne to offer a mountain biking tour with a pickup and drop off service to the city. While there are other operators in the FIT space they do not offer scheduled departures which does not bode well with booking agents. The exception to this is Tripfit however, their mountain bike product is hidden in with a SUP and Hiking option and not the core focus of their business as they chase the fitness market.

Ongoing Costs
Website: $118.55 per Year
Email: $77.62 per year

It's a relatively straight forward process and documentation provided in the sale will make this a very easy process.
Key Financials (by calendar date)

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Price: $150,000 Negotiable All inclusive
Client No: W1953693924
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