Unique Electrical Contracting Business for Sale

Toowoomba QLD
Asking Price $90,000

A unique opportunity exists in a large regional Queensland city to purchase a sole trader electrical contracting business that includes a supply of labour contract (30 hours week)to a large shopping centre for ongoing maintenance through out the centre. The owner of the business is open to the idea of negotiating the sale of the supply of labour contract only should the buyer find this more attractive.  

This business can serve the person looking for a regular income with guaranteed hours or a great starting base for some one wishing to grow their business while having a regular monthly income. It may also suit an established company wishing to develop other business opportunities.

Currently the the owner of the business has been suppling maintenance to this company for 17 years and is wishing to share his vast experience with a successful sale. The business success is due to the positive relationship between the contractor and the centre management.

The maintenance work involved around the contract can be varied and requires the meeting of deadlines to comply with Australian standards testing and compliance . This can involve the testing and repairs of emergency lights, timing test, and the test and tag of centre electrical equipment. General electrical repairs across the centre common areas as well as additional circuits or variations as required.

Opportunities also exist to quote other projects that occur thought out the centre as requested. The electrical contractor finds the trusted relationship and the knowledge of the centre places this business at a unique advantage.

The sale of the business includes the business name, contract with shopping centre, phone number , email , a 2017 Toyota Workmate ute (72000km)with large tool box and ladder racks. A private customer database is also included.

The business has been operating as a sole trader enterprise since 2009 from a home base and contracted to the major shopping centre since that time. His experience has witnessed many upgrades as well as a 600 million dollar expansion in 2016-17 over that time. This has given him insite into the working of the building as well as the the time saving pathways that gives an added advantage to quotes and the daily work of maintenance.

This is the core of the business and has allowed the contractor to assist management meeting the day to day needs that may surface. The contractor deals with the testing and maintenance of common area emergency and exit lights, the repairs to common area lights and power as required and the testing of centre appliance. The work is varied and the contractor usually sets his own agenda for the day.
The other part of the business is the small electrical jobs for private clients that comes from work of mouth and your presence in the shopping centre.

The nature of the contract with the centre is a 2 year supply of labour hourly rate with the centre purchasing most of its materials with its own suppliers. This also allows for the second year to have increase placed into the contract. At various times other contractors are invited to carryout larger projects due to the sole trader status of my business. This opportunity creates possibility of accessing work outside of the current contractural arrangements.

The hours of the business will depend on the nature of the work that is to be carried out but is left to the discretion of the contractor. This could involve early starts of night works depending on the nature of the work involved and the disruption to the tenants of the centre.

The contractor offers 7 support days to walk around with a successful buyer assisting them to get a workable handle of the tasks involved. This would include works in progress, warrantees, capital works etc, written comments and 6 months of phone / emails consultation and support.

Contact this seller
Client No: W1172510160 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.
Contact this seller
Client No: W1172510160 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

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