Investor with Vision & Concern for our Planet

Brisbane Region, QLD
Asking Price $1,000,000

This is a ground floor opportunity to buy the IP valued at $20m for just $1m down for the first 12 months.

The IP has universal application worldwide.

The prototype is built, tested and proven.

Save huge costs and waste in the building industry.

Minimise waste, recycle efficiently

This is a no brainer and the Seller will provide assistance (*not full time, but a substantive period), inclusive, over the first 12 months to minimise risk and maximise returns

The repayment plan ($19m neg) can run over an agreed period of time whereby the products pay for themselves and you make BIG money along the way.

You will need access to start up capital, but the financial modelling shows quick and excellent returns in short order.

The World, and your children, will thank you for the legacy these products will have on our planet.

It you have access to the funds, if you have good management and entrepreneurial skills and if you want to make a lot of money whilst making our world a better and safer place then contact me NOW.

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