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Mosman NSW
Asking Price $295,000

Business for sale OR active investor/joint venturer

Learn To Paddle Now Pty Ltd (LTPN) is a well-established adventure and outdoor sports business providing professional training and coaching for surf ski paddlers, from beginner through to elite levels. Our two primary locations are at the Spit Bridge and Narrabeen Lagoon in Sydney.

Surf ski paddling is readily accessible to people of all ages and provides benefits to both physical and mental health. Paddling with proper technique provides a low impact complete body workout, increasing cardiovascular fitness and overall muscle strength while specifically improving core strength, posture and balance. You don't have to be an athlete to begin and everyone develops skills and fitness at their own pace. This is why participation in surf ski paddling continues to grow rapidly.

LTPN's qualified instructors take paddlers on different waterways appropriate to their skills, including:

• through the tranquil natural bushland settings of middle harbour
• around the majestic cliffs of north harbour
• out through the heads for the thrill of the open ocean
• the placid natural setting of Narrabeen lagoon

Nature is our playground and paddlers share experiences with dolphins, fur seals, little penguins and migratory sea birds.
Being on the water with LTPN allows paddlers to experience the elements safely, communing with nature while enjoying the company of friends and colleagues. Whether paddling for relaxation or in a spirit of friendly competition, a surf ski provides an uplifting and exhilarating experience matched by few other sports.
LTPN schedules community and club surf ski races throughout the year on Sydney Harbour, the Northern Beaches and other coastal locations.

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LTPN also imports and retails Mazu surf skis from Elio Kayaks, the world-renowned manufacturer of performance craft for elite competitors.

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We retail surf skis, accessories and apparel to member paddlers and to the public.

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Business Assets

• Hire equipment used by paddlers – surf skis suitable for all levels, safety gear, paddles.

• Exclusive dealership for Mazu surf skis and Elio performance kayaks in Australia and New Zealand.

• Surfski Warehouse – retailer of surf skis, accessories and apparel.

• Leases over operating sites.

• Website, mobile app, social media.

• Customer data base – 5,000 NSW-base including 2,000 Sydney-based paddlers.

This sale is of a going concern and will supply the buyer with all things necessary for the continued operation of the business.

Contact this seller
Client No: W449615531 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.
Contact this seller
Client No: W449615531 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.