Watheroo Station Tavern Leasehold

Watheroo WA
Asking Price $125,000

Watheroo is a small town situated roughly half way between Perth and Geraldton on the scenic part of the Midlands road.

Along with wheat and sheep farming, Watheroo grew up as a major stopover on the Perth-Geraldton railway line and at its peak the town bustled with line gangs and maintenance crews who worked in the railway complex.

The old locomotive station, which is one of only two left standing in Western Australia, and the railway station are a unique remnant of the siding which dates back to the 1980's.

The building which is the Watheroo Station Tavern was originally the old Midland Line Railway Station. It was converted to a fully licensed tavern and now boasts country style hospitality with generous meal offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as on site self-contained accommodation for tourists, holiday makers and out of town contractors working in the area.

Facilities include:

Main Bar
Dining Room with kitchen
Motel rooms
Beer garden
Camping area with basic WC
Post Office Services

The current business owners are in the process of adding a further 12 self-contained transportable accommodation units to increase the capacity to meet ongoing demand from long term contractors working in or near the area.

The accommodation is regularly booked out so this increased capacity will add significant revenue to the business immediately that it becomes available.

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