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Management Consulting. $2,250+ per consulting day. For Sale

How to earn fees from $2250+ per consulting day as a consultant/facilitator using the highly acclaimed Super-Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ for engaging people in continuous improvement in what matters most and the Super-Thinker® Business Improvement Tools.

Are you ready to leverage your work experience and move into management/business consulting? You can work from your home office.

Or are you working as a mangement/buiness consultant and looking for something different to increase income streams?

Welcome to a significant business opportunity.

This is a unique suite of 6 tried and tested consulting tools with a proven track record.

The Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™ is used to improve any aspect of organisation/business performance.

I have seen a lot of fads come and go. The Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™ is the result of my insights and experience about what actually works in the real world of the workplace and what clients want today. The Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™ has been tested and proven many times over in the workplace since 1994, continuously improved and is still used today.

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If you see the opportunity for you:

Initial discussions with no obligation can be conducted with Skype or Zoom using screen sharing so that I can show you the tools, the process, the facilitator guides, how to find prospective clients, how to get agreement for you to conduct a presentation, how to win the business and all support materials and anything else you need to see. I can also gauge if this is for you or not, so we don't waste time or your money.

You need consulting tools which are tried and proven with a verifiable track record that you can use as a Certified Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™ facilitator.

To be a successful consultant you need to have something unique to sell that meets organisation and business needs.

Create your own business as a consultant and buy a licence, training and certification for $7950 for one person or $5950 each for two people or $4950 each for three people. Plus gst.

Exclusive Master Licences are available worldwide. POA.

This is not a franchise. There are no franchise requirements. There are no royalties on fees you earn. This is a one-off investment in your future or a way to increase your income stream. Most franchises require you to pay 10-15% of the fees you earn or a monthly fee.

This tested and proven consulting process coupled with an outstanding and validated track record will give you an edge. With training and on-going support and mentoring from Daniel Kehoe and all the tools that you need to start earning fees.

Daniel Kehoe is the designer of the Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (the highest grading - you are nominated by your peers) with 35 years experience working as a consultant/facilitator. Author of the best-selling You Lead, They'll Follow books and the Management In Action books (McGraw-Hill). I will share with you everything I have learned to be successful.

Daniel Kehoe 08 93178065... (click to show) 898099
26 The Ramble, Booragoon, Western Australia, 6154

What clients say about the Super-Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™

You will be able to use these testimonials as a Certified Consultant/Facilitator because they are about the Super- Thinker® 7 Keys Concept™.

"We are very pleased with both the process and the results of our Team Improvement Program using the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™. We have been able to measure the improvements in both Sydney and Melbourne through the "verifiable evidence" provided by all teams. We have now implemented a number of actions to reduce costs and improve profit margins. Staff have taken to the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ very well - it opens up communication, allows all staff to have an input and increases recognition and feedback to staff. I can now verify your claim that the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ really does "improve any aspect of organisation performance". It has been well worth our investment and we expect to recoup this many times over. Congratulations on developing a system that actually delivers."
Brett Nicholson, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Austral Bronze

"We have been using the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™(Business Improvement) for over 10 months and I am happy to make this recommendation...Our initial focus has been on improving plant maintenance. The employee involvement that has been fostered through the use of the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™, coupled with the structured approach...has contributed to a 15% improvement in plant reliability...
The system has been accepted by all users, and we plan to continue to use it as a standard practice for future improvements within our business..."
Frank Humphries, Works Manager, Donhad Pty Ltd

"I am very pleased to offer this testimonial in support of the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™. Mindarie Regional Council has been using the system for eight months and it has well and truly exceeded our expectations. What impressed us is that it delivers measurable improvements and is very well accepted by both staff and management. All parties agree that it has produced many, significant benefits which are on-going. We have seen significant growth and improvement in the attitudes and behaviour of our workforce.
It is one of, if not the best team building and improvement tools I have come across. Even our most sceptical staff have admitted its value. I recommend the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ to you without reservation and would be happy to elaborate on our experiences."
Keith Pardoe, Manager Operations, Mindarie Regional Council

"Initially, there was a certain amount of cynicism as we have had numerous courses that endeavour to make improvements to processes. The team is now enthusiastically participating with a corresponding improvement in open and honest communication. They appreciate the empowerment of being involved so that what is important to them is included in the decision making process. The system is practical and easily understandable and allows for results to be seen in a short period. Please provide my name to any organisation that would like feedback of the relevance and suitability of the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™.
Bev Carruthers, Manager, Technical Services Area, Water Corporation

"The Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ provides a formal structure for all employees of this company to appraise particular issues affecting the organisation and its performance, in a constructive way - free of self-interest and petty politics. As a result we have implemented a number of agreed positive changes (of varying size), and each is an improvement. This remains an ongoing process and requires commitment and active participation from all."
Richard Waterworth, General Manager, Nuturf Pty Ltd

Having a group of 52 employees integrated from 5 different operational areas into four multi-skilled teams provided for a more diverse and responsive capability for a 24/7 service. However, the integration of diverse groups of people bought baggage and issues which impacted on relationships, team work and communications. Using the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ approach with facilitation by Dan Kehoe, greatly assisted the groups to focus on key issues and look to how THEY can resolve and improve co-operation and communications within and across the teams. We have found Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ provides ownership by the team and an attitudinal shift for the group to work on solutions to issues.
Tom Arnautovic OAM, Manager Human Resources Fremantle Ports

"Having now been using the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ for 12 months, I am happy to describe both the process and the results as brilliant. There has been significant improvement in both communication and motivation since we started using this system. I recommend the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ without reservation."
Steve Alfrich, Director, Meditech Marketing & Team Leader, Western Biomedical

"The Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ for Local Government has been trialled and evaluated by the City of Cockburn. The pilot involved 20 people comprising three work teams. On the basis of our evaluation, we have decided to extend the application of the system to 50 additional people incorporating six new work teams. The Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ for Local Government fits our culture and has given us a valuable process for the management of work teams. I recommend the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ to Local Government bodies wishing to improve organisation performance.
Rod Brown, Chief Executive Officer, City of Cockburn

"The Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ has been extensively examined by a number of prestigious organisations in Dubai. In addition the system was the subject of two, half-day workshops which attracted over a hundred delegates and which were sponsored by the Economic Department of Dubai.
The general response from the many managers who have examined the system is that the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ provides a simple yet comprehensive approach that effectively facilitates the drive for a quality culture. This is achieved through a well-conceived, action-based, continuous improvement programme which utilises peer pressure to monitor and achieve positive results"
Glyn Ashley, Manager Quality Assurance, Dubai Aluminium Company, Chairman of the Dubai Quality Group

"We are using the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ as part of our Team Leader Development Program in which we are developing, aligning and empowering our frontline team leaders in their work environment. We think it will solve most of the problems associated with traditional leadership and management training. The system appears to be demonstrably superior to other management development initiatives I have come across. We believe the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ will engage the frontline leaders and enable them to change their own and their teams' behaviours and relationships in the workplace, using leadership actions relevant to their workplace and to the success of the overall business."
Ian Jackson, Deputy Director – Kwinana Business Unit, BP

"...... In summary the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ has proven to be as was described to me - it is a simple, practical, relevant and powerful tool for making improvements, creating change and transforming organisations. And most importantly, it works."
Our evaluation of the Super Thinker ® 7 Keys Concept™ is as follows :

(Rating 1 - 5 with 1 being definitely NO and 5 being definitely YES)

•Did the 7 Keys Concept™ meet your expectations?
•Would you recommend the 7 Keys Concept™?
•Do you feel the 7 Keys Concept™ was well received?
•Do you feel the 7 Keys Concept™ is easy to implement?
•Is the 7 Keys Concept™ value for money?
•Is the 7 Keys Concept™ value to your organisation?
•Is the 7 Keys Concept™ more effective than other similar initiatives your organisation has used?

We rated the 7 Keys Concept™ 5 on all questions.
John Chapman (Principal) Lynwood Primary School

"We were impressed with the 7 Keys Concept™ as being both unique and powerful in identifying and targeting skill deficiencies of individual managers. This system has exciting potential in application to a wide range of industry for improving the performance of individuals and teams."
Kevin Maitland, Acting Chief Manager, Commonwealth Bank

"Our colleagues participated enthusiastically and shared their perceptions freely. The 7 Keys Concept™ (Education) of Performance Management has enormous potential. We at East Kenwick Primary School will well and truly "run with it"... We are extremely satisfied with the 7 Keys Concept™. It is the best organisational tool I have come across."
Sam Hancock (Principal) East Kenwick Primary School

"The initial feedback on the 7 Keys Concept™ has been uniformly positive. I feel we have chosen wisely in introducing the 7 Keys Concept™ to our school structure. It is simple but powerful, professional but affordable and has empowered all staff to make a real contribution to our school."
Paul Higginbotham (Principal)Speech and Hearing Centre

"I have been greatly impressed with the 7 Keys Concept™ ........ I have been delighted with the way staff responded to it. The staff embraced this system and willingly worked with the tools provided to obtain some very positive outcomes. One section in particular has demonstrated a significant turnaround and has achieved some remarkable outcomes in a relatively short period of time...... The system is geared towards giving staff control of their work environment and very much empowers them to make the changes needed....... I am most impressed with my experience with the 7 Keys Concept™ so far and am excited at doing more work in this area......"
Clara Pound, HR Manager, City of Bayswater

"The 7 Keys Concept™ has provided us with a system to ensure that the actions we agreed to develop teamwork will actually happen. Staff appreciate the fact that they are equally involved in deciding what they will do to show improvement in areas critical to our business. This is a system which we will definitely use as a standard way to improve our business. I recommend the 7 Keys Concept™ to any organisation. Thank you!"
Julie Baker, Director Genesis Travel Pty Ltd


The Super-Thinker® Business Improvement Tools

  1.  Super-Thinker® Benchmark Business Improver is used to diagnose 12 key factors driving successful business performance to identify what any business needs to do better.
  2. Super-Thinker® Decision Making, Problem Solving, Planning - Strategy and Tactics is used to improve thinking about 25 perspectives in making decisions and developing strategies to solve problems.
  3. Super-Thinker® Team Performance is used to explore 25 factors driving high-performance teams and what needs to happen to improve teamwork and team performance.
  4. Super-Thinker® Customer Service is used to explore 24 factors driving outstanding customer service and what needs to happen to improve customer service.
  5. Super-Thinker® Safety is used to explore 22 factors driving safety performance and what needs to happen to improve safety.

Reviews of the Super-Thinker® process and tools

"The concept is brilliant, allowing for individual personalities to shine and contribute to the change and improvement processes. It also allows all involved to voice their perception of the issues and the solution...companies using this tool will come up with some amazing ways forward...a fantastic tool to assist in 'Change Management'."

Michelle Aroney, Uniforms Manager, Qantas Airways Ltd

"A simple tool delivering outstanding solutions."

Jim Runciman, Managing Director, Donhad Pty Ltd

"Super-Thinker is an essential management tool that can be tailored to an endless range of organisational and workplace issues. The penetrating and provocative questions that shape Super-Thinker can be applied to a range of businesses and organisations to create more intelligent and reflective work practices. Insights into human behaviour offered by this sharply focused tool will quickly help managers align thinking to achieve greater success."

Linda Kristjanson, Professor & Associate Dean, Edith Cowan University & Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year.

Super-Thinker is an ideal tool for time-challenged leaders to obtain input from colleagues at all levels when developing options or solutions to problems of any complexity"

Kevin Poynton, Chief Executive, Mindarie Regional Council.

"Possibly the biggest problem that any organisation has to face is to ensure that its decision making processes are factually based and founded on a comprehensive understanding and analysis of a given situation. Super Thinker goes a long way towards answering the worrying and vital question, "Have we forgotten anything here?" Super Thinker is a 'Decision Makers Checklist'. It stimulates the thinking process but it does more. It actually prompts and demands discussion on essential issues that will produce decisions that are comprehensively examined and factually based. Super Thinker helps to retain focus on the things that really matter to the business. This is great stuff. Any business, regardless of size, will certainly benefit by incorporating Super-Thinker into its decision-making and implementation processes. "

Glyn Ashley, Founding Chairman, Dubai Quality Group, UAE

"The Super Thinker is a fantastic prompt for discussion. It covers the full spectrum of strategy. Constraints are removed from management's comfort zone discussions. A good summary statement? What a great product!"

Graham Boyd
Executive Manager | Corporate Services
Churches of Christ Homes & Community Services Inc

"The Super thinker was excellent - we used it to work through a number of ideas. It helped to get our thinking into the area of possibilities rather than restrictions, every idea and thought was put up with some terrific results - the ideas just kept flowing like a river. By the end of the 2 days we'd come up with some awesome ideas and strategies. It was great."

Janet Makepeace, Crime Prevention Unit, Queensland Police Service

"Safety is the number one issue concerning managers today and this comprehensive tool will help to unlock the complexities involved and ensure nothing is missed. Each business is different and Super Thinker will help managers to develop actions which are relevant to them. It is a continuous safety improvement tool for managers at all levels. Brilliant!"

Jim Bottomley, Plant Superintendent, Donhad.

"Obviously drawing from broad consultation over many years, the Super Thinker is a clear, concise, handy reckoner for those establishing a new safety process, or those simply conducting a periodic review of their existing process. Will help guide debate and also provide new direction for thinking once the ideas run out."

Stuart Bodey
Mine Superintendent (Jubilee Mines).

"Another must have work tool from Daniel Kehoe with all the hallmarks we have come to expect from him - succinct and pragmatic with excellent format. This tool has got the lot to really put safety on track for all work teams. It leads managers and team leaders through structured steps and explanation to efficiently establish continuous safety improvement within the workplace. This is a great little tool. A fantastic, cleverly condensed version of all safety aspects delivered in a ready to use format. A must have for all front line managers."

Jamie Strickland, Team Leader, Marine, Fremantle Ports.

"I have found the tool to contain a vast array of knowledge, yet it is simple and clearly understandable. Working around live underground pipes and cables is dangerous especially if you don't think and then eliminate the risks prior to commencing work. The Super Thinker is a great tool for every manager or supervisor but best of all, every crew leader and crew on site can use the Super Thinker to start the thinking process every morning prior to commencing the works."

Peter Rowles, Managing Director, Underground Services Australia

"Customer Service Super Thinker provides a systematic approach for the periodic review of all facets of customer service. The prompts within this ready reckoner will ensure no aspect is missed when considering both internal and external customer service. A great package!"

Brad McCracken, Forge Customer Service, Donhad

"The Customer Service Super Thinker is an extremely valuable aid to delivering excellent customer service... provides a means to identify areas of opportunity and to help employees agree on what is most important to them and their customers... facilitates focused discussion and the delivery of meaningful outcomes for our customers."

Phil Hayes, Customer Strategy Development Manager, Water Corporation

"The Super Thinker Team Performance will help me do my job better is very useful and very easy to get a better understanding of the issues raised...I liked the way in which the Tool is broken down into factors affecting Team Performance...each separate factor is relayed in an understanding way"

Jayd Fitzgerald, Floor Manager, Pharmacy 777 Mandurah Forum.

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