Hobart clients to be serviced now via security courier

Hobart Region, TAS
Asking Price $5,000 +GST, All inclusive

We have existing clients requiring services, with low buy in costs and full office support:

Brilliant location!
Work from (and near) home. No commute to work, no need to drive to a depot before heading out to service clients. No bricks and mortar with high overhead costs required. You don't need to have equipment, we even provide the phone complete with all software required. You can work from a home office if you'd like, but it's not essential.

Use your own car
If your car is reliable, you can use it. No marked vehicles, no need to buy a van. As long as you're not turning up in a yellow Lamborghini, it's good! There's no point having a covert service if we put a target on your back.

No security industry experience required
You will need a Certificate II in Security Operations. These only require a week, and cost around $600-$800. If you already have your Certificate, you're ahead of the game! Whether you have it already, or not, training is provided to show you how to operate safely and covertly.

Low buy in cost
We mean low. Our runs vary in pricing. If we only have part time work (such as in a regional town or city) we don't expect you to pay the same as someone who is buying a full time run. But even those max out at only $15000 + GST. If you are looking at regional areas, or more remote towns, buy-in costs can be around $5000 + GST. As Hobart does not contain a full time run, we are able to offer it at the lower pricing. We also have work currently available in Devonport, Launceston, and Burnie.

Full office support
We have a team of customer service agents, ready to immediately assist clients with queries. An Accountant with a team, able to make sure invoicing (for you, and from you) is handled expertly. Our IT team includes 4 software engineers! Buying a franchise means getting a shortcut into a fully staffed business.

We have an established company, ready with clients requiring services now, and a full complement of staff to back you up. They can be YOUR customer service team, and YOUR operations team. Everyone is here to answer any questions and assist in whatever way you might need.

This partnership enables you to work Monday to Friday, without the overtime doing paperwork. If you would like to know how many existing clients we have in your region, please ask us!Why choose a SecureCash Franchise?

  • No security industry experience is required!
  • You use your own car.
  • Work from (and near) home.
  • Low Franchise buy in costs.
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