Ecommerce Store for sale. Australian Made!

Tullamarine VIC
Asking Price $65,000

Ecommerce store up for sale! Australian made. One year old.

Here are some key points to note about the ecommerce store, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

• The store currently sells Australian Made clothing, stickers and accessories.
• Target market is outdoors men and women: Hunters, Fishermen/women, 4wheel drivers.
• 90% of the products on the store are Australian made.
• We have an Australian made license, issued to us by the official Australian Made campaign. (Green and gold Kangaroo Logo).
• The store is also listed on xxxxx and the Australian Made campaign website.
• The store features; a small clothing range (currently 7 items, with another 5 ready to be added), a large range of custom stickers, first aid kits, target stickers, water bottles and a mug.
• Social media presence: 1600 followers Instagram. 400 Followers Facebook. Store has been open for 1 year and 2 months.
• Website is run through Shopify and xxxxx. Also has Facebook Shop and Instgram Shopping. Paypal account.
• X3 domain email accounts activated.
• Copywrite and returns policy.
• Accounts to Shuttershock for image sourcing.
• All logos/marketing information available. Colour coding etc.
• Business has a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place and made bespoke for the business.
• The business has a series of facts and information that it offers to its followers weekly, generating interaction.
• The business has 2 brand ambassadors with a combined following of 6000 followers. They promote the brand.
• The business sources its Australian made clothing from a clothing manufacturer in Reservoir and a fabric supplier in Reservoir VIC. We use a printing company in Coburg for our prints and embroidery.
• The other Australian made products are sourced from other Australian businesses and sold with a margin.
• On a casual work and get paid basis, the business has: A fashion designer, x2 brand ambassadors, a graphic designer, a web developer, photographer and a copy writer.
• There is a significant amount of stock to be sold, all ready to be marketed.
• The business has a plan and a narrative that it commenced with, which works well and has generated a steady flow of increased following and sales

This business needs someone that can spend more time marketing and tweaking it. Social media is the key to its success. It can be run from a home office with a computer.
I am selling as I have another business that is growing, I cannot juggle them both. Especially the social media side.

Comparable stores that we are aiming to get to are: Hunters Element, Stoney Creek, Moroka.30, RidgeLine and Spika.

Images, website links and more information provided to those interested. Also happy to have a phone call. 

Contact this seller
Client No: W1389400579 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.
Contact this seller
Client No: W1389400579 Seller prefers initial contact via email Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.