Mechanical Workshop Under Management for sale

Brisbane Region, QLD
Asking Price $950,000

Mechanical Workshop Under Management
Queensland's Leading Engine Reconditioning and Replacement Specialist
Nets $400K pa for sale under management!
Established 30+ years, Brisbane based, long term stable Manager plus 9 staff in place.
Specialising in Engine Reconditioning and Replacement - which is the main point of difference between this leading business and the rest.
An approved trade industry supplier - 80% of sales are to an established massive trade customer network who provide new work daily.
20% are retail /individual customers nationwide who want their engines rebuilt, reconditioned, replaced or performance improved.
Plant & Equipment – Specifically built and purchased for Engine and Cylinder head refurbishment work from clean-downs to rebuilt engines, 2 hoists, hundreds of items CONSERVATIVELY valued at $800,000!
The owners are PASSIVE!
The order book is always booked two+ months in advance
Netted the PASSIVE owners $407,000 in 2022 and $300,000 in 2021 – rock solid financials!
Extensive changeover/ replacement stock provides a valuable resource for obtaining parts at no additional cost.
$950,000 + SAV [ $200,000]
Gary Johnston xxxxx

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