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Work Health Safety ACT Compliance For Sale

This long established business is regrettably for sale. The founder and CEO is no longer with us however he created a business that has served many many business provided support and reassurance for so many but it is actually time to move up a gear. The startup stage has been wonderfully built. Now it is time in the business scale to build on that foundation, but this is no struggling minnow, it is a strong and robust business (or PCBU). The Legislation (the Act 2011) defines the rules. They are specific and well documented. It is designed to prevent harm, plus plus, but it places some very significant demands on all of us. Owners employees even customers. Yes you can do it yourself, of course you can, just as you can build your own house. So we went to the experts to design and build our system and we are taking it to our clients yes of course it is far cheaper and more effective than engaging your own researcher or saying well it “on line” and it maybe but your obligation is far greater than downloading a document it is about engaging with the obligations placed upon ever PCBU and that is why we are promoting ourselves as the “best guide” you will find. Now we need a new owner and business developer to build on the base that is already there. If you have some actual skill, knowledge, and desire to be in business assisting supporting and guiding business then call me to discuss how we proceed.
Price: $1,000
Client No: T1001647013

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