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A staple Australian brand for decades, the modern Red Rooster draws from its well-loved history while moving into its modern and innovative future. Australian-owned since the 1970s, Red Rooster has always been an Aussie icon.

Red Rooster isn't just any chicken place; it's been a whole journey of transformation! We're talking about spicing up our restaurant designs, bringing in the latest tech both in the restaurant and for our customers, and whipping up some exciting new dishes. Our menu is a celebration of chicken in every way you can imagine.

But hey, Red Rooster is so much more than your typical chicken joint. We're an Aussie legend, almost hitting that 50-year mark. Now, here's a thought for you: How about grabbing a slice of Red Rooster's exciting future?

Over the years, we've turned hundreds of people into proud business owners. Our restaurants have been the launchpad for thousands of team members, all dedicated to serving our customers the yummiest roast chicken and burgers, year after year.

With over 360 restaurants spread across Australia, getting a Red Rooster franchise means you're getting a piece of a brand that's deeply trusted by Australians, a brand that's part of their daily lives.

But wait, there's more! When you join Red Rooster, you're backed by a super talented team. Our franchising, property, construction, and supply chain pros are all geared up to help you hit the ground running.

And that's not all – our training, operations, marketing, and product development teams are always there to make sure your store keeps shining bright, now and in the future.

While other brands and products have come and gone, Red Rooster just keeps on growing, bit by bit, every year. So, what do you say? The Rooster's Calling, and it might just be calling for you!


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Category: Food and Hospitality Opportunity Type: Franchise Austraian Outlets: 345 Year Commenced: 1972 Price Range: $300,000 - $850,000
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