and I feel for you; it's tough right now.

I don't normally write lengthy stuff like this but do yourself a real favour and read this because it could just help you.


Do you rely on Government support or do you look at this as an opportunity to do things differently from here? Something different like starting your own business so you can't get sacked of laid-off?

I'm very proud to be the Managing Director of a low-cost, successful service Franchise and I'd like to offer you an opportunity to change your life.

We are in an industry that is growing daily, yes even in these uncertain times.

Our Franchisees earn a minimum of $100 per service hour, either on a part-time involvement or on a full-time basis.

We specialise in after-market care of solar panels in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We have a comprehensive range of services, including cleaning panels (how easy is that?), visual inspections, thermal imaging and reporting of anomalies, as well as bird and pest proofing solutions.

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My team will provide you with everything you need to succeed: all equipment, work systems, complete training, marketing and a solid ongoing support program.

Training can be done remotely so you don't have to travel to us, and we will arrange for hands-on "on the Job training" with a local franchisee. And, once you're up and running, our Commercial Division will assist you to get those lucrative bigger jobs in your franchise territory.

You may not have thought about doing this for a living, but take a drive around your own neighbourhood and you'll soon see that solar panels are everywhere.

What Now?
Well, certainly no pressure or slick salesperson talking to you. You will deal directly with me. Request our free INFOPAK and we can talk soon.

Eric Higgs
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Garden, Household Repairs and Maintenance
Opportunity Type:
Business Opportunity
Australian Outlets: --
Franchise Royalties: Part Time and Full Time Options
Year Commenced: --
Price Range: $0 - $50,000
Visits: 645