Fastway Couriers Melbourne

Established in 1983 in Napier in New Zealand, Fastway Couriers is now a globally franchised courier company with over 30 years' experience and a presence in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. Fastway has been operating in Australia since 1993. Our network includes 27 regional franchises and over 800 franchise partners across the country. One of the regional franchise partners is Fastway Couriers Melbourne. The RF in Melbourne operates two large depots strategically positioned around Melbourne to service its 150+ territories. Our commitment is to delight our customers at every point in their parcel's journey, which isn't possible without our dedicated franchise partners who we see as our competitive advantage.
In 2016 Fastway Australia became part of the Aramex family, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Through this acquisition, both Aramex and Fastway have become stronger together, with Fastway customers continuing to receive our personalised service whilst benefitting from Aramex's global expertise and innovative technologies.

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Dirk Heinert
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Transport, Distribution and Storage
Opportunity Type:
Australian Outlets: 27
Franchise Royalties: nil
Franchise Advertising Levy: --
Year Commenced: 1993
Price Range: $0 - $50,000
Visits: 812