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SLF Lawyers offers a complete range of business and property related services for business owners, buyers, investors. SLF Lawyers provides expertise to buyers with innovative yet practical advice. We help existing owners to sell their business and hopefully roll into a new business using the capital gains tax preservation rules. For Buyers we assist in establishing a suitable corporate structure for the business to achieve personal asset protection and to minimise tax impacts of any profits.

For potential Franchisors who wish to establish a franchise system, SLF Lawyers establish the corporate legal structure so that all the Intellectual Property ("IP") of the Franchisor of the trademarks, name, operating manual, training systems, marketing programs are held in a stand alone entity with licenced rights to the Franchisor to use the IP in the franchised system providing a passive income stream to the owner of the IP and ensuring the IP is protected at all times.

Steve Morris
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