N-Hance Wood Refinishing Australia

N-Hance Wood Renfinishing is the #1 choice for renewing hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture, and other wood surfaces in the US and is fast becoming an Australian franchise phenomenon.
Using revolutionary Lightspeed® technology, N-Hance refinishes floors and cabinets in the fraction of time, without the mess, dust or odour associated with traditional methods.
With an N-Hance business, you'll offer customers something no one else can - beautifully restored cabinets and floors at a fraction of the cost and downtime.
N-Hance Australia provides low cost franchise complete with full training and continued support. Contact N-Hance today for a Franchise Information Pack, along with details on your potential exclusive territory.

Darren Leaney
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Australian Outlets: --
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Price Range: $50,000 - $100,000
Visits: 1249