City Farmers Mobile Dogwash

If you're a go-getting type of person who loves dogs, and doesn't mind people either, you could be the breed we're looking for. As a City Farmers Dogwash Franchisee, you'll get to take the lead in your own business, and have a lot of fun in the process.

We're dog people and always have been. But we're also business people. So when we saw the potential in dog washing, we jumped at the chance to create something special. In January 2009, we joined forces with Fleastoppers / DoggyWash who'd been providing a great service since 1992, and added our expertise and resources to their already booming business model.

City Farmers Dogwash is recognised as the dog wash experts, but our brand means so much more than that. We're a trusted advisor and loving carer to our customer's valued pets. As a Franchisee and as part of the ever-expanding City Farmers retail network, you'll have access to our expertise in pet health, nutrition and care. City Farmers Dogwash takes all that trust and experience right to the customer's door. Which keeps your phone ringing and your business growing.

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Scott McIntosh
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Mobile Business
Opportunity Type:
Australian Outlets: 30
Franchise Royalties: $500/month
Franchise Advertising Levy: 145/month
Year Commenced: 1993
Price Range: $0 - $50,000
FCA member
Visits: 2170