Drug-Safe Communities

Welcome to Australia's most purpose driven franchise system.

We believe in making our businesses and Australian communities safer through the reduction in the dependence of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol which is rapidly destroying lives.

At Drug-Safe Communities, everyone from our owner, support team, franchisees and their families passionately believe in 'why' we exist and do what we do.

Our 'why' is to create a safe, happy and vibrant future for our communities, so that people can go about their lives with purpose and fulfillment.

We do this by empowering and skilling our franchisees, through our years of expertise in the industry, to deliver cutting-edge Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) screening programs and other services for local businesses (our clients) which lead to a Drug-Safe Certification. Our clients, in turn, inherit safer workplaces, become more productive and profitable and become an employer of choice because they put their employees and communities first.
We proudly believe that our profitable franchise model is like no other because our franchise partners have the opportunity to change lives. A person affected by the misuse of Drugs and Alcohol can destroy other lives, but we know that if we can help that person through our model, that person can also become a positive change-agent for their communities.

Almost 20 years ago, our parent company, Drug-Safe Australia was born out of a tragic personal loss through drugs which subsequently led to the realization that very few community leaders and business owners understood the consequences of "turning a blind eye" to Australia's most significant social challenge.

After pioneering and becoming the dominant private AOD screening service within Australian business communities, we believed that a better solution existed.

Our passion shaped the creation of Drug-Safe Communities, Australia's most purpose driven franchise system which gives our franchisees the ability to address the ever-growing misuse of Drugs and Alcohol at workplaces, but with a unique opportunity to become a change-agent in their communities.

At the core of it all, we are a proudly Australian owned 'mobile' Workplace AOD screening franchise that helps our businesses and communities become Drug-Safe and enables us to leave a legacy in this world.

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Aaron Chowdhury
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Australian Outlets: 52
Franchise Royalties: 10%
Franchise Advertising Levy: --
Year Commenced: 1999
Price Range: $50,000 - $100,000
Visits: 2671