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Tile and grout are everywhere and over the last few years tile has become the surface of choice in new homes for bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, floors etc. Without proper protection and sealing at the outset and proper continual maintenance grout becomes dirty, bacteria laden and will eventually turn black and look terrible. No matter how hard people scrub or buy "wonder" chemicals to try and clean the grout, because of its porosity and make up, it will never come clean. This, coupled with older style homes with tiles there is a HUGE and virtually untapped market for tile and grout restoration.

GroutPro has developed a revolutionary system to restore dirty stained grout to look brand new again. They use a specially formulated solution to extract the dirt from deep inside the pores of the dirty grout. GroutPro then seal the grout by using either clear seal or our revolutionary GroutPro colour seal process that can change the whole look of the room.

As a GroutPro franchise owner you are able to offer a range of services to consumers that are truly unique. Your customers will love the way their tile floors and walls look and the GroutPro system achieves incredible results at a fraction of the cost of a typical tile floor/wall and grout replacement, saving your customers hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.
GroutPro provides a comprehensive training program plus all the tools and equipment necessary to run a successful and very profitable business.

Advantages of your own GroutPro Business

Some of the advantages of purchasing into our proven business model are;

  • Very low entry cost
  • No experience needed
  • Very high demand service
  • Run your business from home
  • High profit margins
  • Extensive training and support
  • Multiple income streams

What do some of our owners have to say?

"I've currently got quotes out that total over $20k, got two more back today, one at $989 and one at $2900. I would never have dreamt of making that kind of money in a week. Joining GroutPro is by far the best decision I ever made...!"
Colin Sanders, GroutPro Specialist

"I thought the training course was excellent, the information & expertise was first class"
Mick Charlton, GroutPro Specialist

"The practical hands on training and the Colour Seal process definitely reinforces the "WOW" factor and potential for GroutPro"
Darrell Anderson, GroutPro Specialist

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Garden, Household Repairs and Maintenance
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